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Accessing facebook and other blocked sites in college or in office is a big challenge for everyone. Most of the facebook users needs to connect with facebook even in their work time. Facebook relaxes the workers mind and moreover there are lots stuffs in facebook where a user can do many things. Other than facebook other social networks and also some other websites which are blocked in college can be accessed by some tricks. There are many tricks to access blocked sites. But some tricks only works perfectly. Most of the tricks are with proxy websites. But by changing the proxy it won’t works perfectly so here is some tricks which helps access blocked websites completely.

Access facebook

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How to Access facebook and other blocked sites:

Accessing facebook and other blocked sites by changing the proxy won’t work good. Because proxy websites can’t process java-script. To overcome this problem here is a browser which uses proxy which can process java-script also, So you can access facebook in work time.

What is Tor Browser:

Most of the college has blocked the installation feature which does not allows the users to install any software other than admin. Tor browser is a portable one which does not need any installation, It can be downloaded readily as .exe file from internet. And also the interface of this browser is mostly like Mozilla Firefox so it will be very easy to work with it.

How to set Tor Browser:

  • Download Tor Browser or if your college computer is with USB accessible you can use Tor browser directly from your pendrive.
  • Extract the downloaded files where you can see “Start Tor Browser.exe” file
  • Double click the file to get  Vidalia Control Panel 
  • To change the proxy click on Settings -> Network in Vidalia Control Panel 
  • Check on “I use a proxy to access the Internet” and provide necessary proxy address, port, username and password
  • Change the type as “HTTP/HTTPS” Then click OK button
  • Now click on “Start Tor” It will open Tor Browser where you can browse blocked websites

How to access Facebook:

If you cannot access websites by using tor browser, Here is a  website which helps you to access facebook mobile version. helps you to access facebook, But it shows only mobile version of facebook. There is nothing much to say about this site. Just go to and you can find yourself next process. If these two ticks doesn’t work properly in your college, Find more tricks in More ways to access blocked website.

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