Access Email without Internet Connection

Email service is one of the most the easiest way for world wide Communication. There are many Email Service providers Like Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live, Hotmail Etc., Those services can be accessed by using Internet Connection. Hotmail is the First Email Service Provider. Then only Yahoo, Gmail Services were Started. Now Gmail is in the First Place for Email Service. More than 1 Million People all around the world using Gmail Service. Because it is with very easy Interface and also comforts the People.

To access Email there should be internet connection. But now we can access Email without Internet Connection. A Chrome App providing this facility to access Email without Internet Connection.
If you are not a Google Chrome User, First Install Google Chrome in your Computer.

Download Google Chrome:  

How to Access Email without Internet Connection:

To Access Email without Internet connection you have to install Gmail Offline App in your Chrome Browser

                                          Click Here to Download Gmail Offline

  • While Installing Gmail Offline App in your Chrome Browser, It will ask for Permission
  • Select “Allow Offline mail” And Click on “Continue”, You will get Blue Color Gmail Logo in the New Tab
  • This will Create a copy of your Gmail account in your Computer.
  • Now you can access Gmail without internet Connection and also You can send Email.
  • This app will store the Composed mail in the computer and when it gets Internet Connection, It will Send the mail automatically.



Email is an important one, Our Email is with many important matters about us. For Safety, and to Maintain Privacy. Do not Install this App outside your Home, Like Browsing Centres, Laptop. It is very Safety to Install this App in your Personal Computer only.

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