8 ways be safe from Hackers Phishing attacks

As the need of computer is increasing and everyone starts to depends on computing, there are some anti groups who works against it. These people are named as hackers. Hacking is an art of depredation of some information without a user knowledge. There are many ways of hacking and also many types of hackers like White Hat, Black Hat, Gray Hat, Elite Hackers, Script Kiddie. All the hackers hacks a system for different purpose. Here is a small explanation about those hacker and they we will see about 8 ways be safe from Hackers Phishing attacks.

White Hat:

This types of hackers has non-malicious intent and they can be said as security experts. They usually break into any security system for a good purpose and also to find vulnerabilities. White Hat Hackers tries to find any vulnerabilities in any system and fixes it or complaint the vulnerabilities to proper head of that system. Now a days the count of White Hat hacker increase because big companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft giving rewards to those hackers if they found any vulnerabilities in their servers.

Black Hat:

Black Hats are adverse to White Hats, They enter into any computer or server security system with malicious intent. This type of hackers are considered as  cyber crimes and they will be punished if they hack any system. Black Hat Hackers tries to loot anyone Pay pal or bank accounts and transfers all money to their account. They usually uses duplicate sites which actually looks like original site and hacks a user account, Phishing method.

Gray Hat:

These types of hackers hack any sites and they will decide later whether to be as a white hacker or black hacker. Gray hats enters into any servers without administrator permission and  creates any vulnerabilities then report it to the administrator and also  fixes the bug for money. Or sometimes they won’t report it to administrator and act as black hats.

Elite Hacker:

This types of hackers works professionally with any administrators to find and fix vulnerabilities for money.

Script Kiddie:

This type of hackers are not actually real hackers, They enter into any servers or websites using hacking tools which are created by real hackers. Simply script kiddie are those who hacks using hacking tools and also there is no need to be an expert to be a script kiddie.

There are many hacker and also many different types of hacking, Phishing is one of the hacking method which is mostly used by Black Hats. Many computer experts other than hackers and also many IT field workers are unaware of Phishing method. Many innocent people are being hacked by this method as they were not aware of this type of hacking. Here is a small definition about Phishing and also 8 ways be safe from hackers phishing attacks.

hackers phishing attack

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What is Phishing:

Phishing is one of hacking method which is oftenly used by black hats. Black Hats sends official looking email to their targets like mail from pay pal or any banking service or other money related organisations. They usually gives hyper link in a mail which directs to a webpage which looks like a original site and ask the victim to enter user name and password. These data are collected in their server and they use it to access a victim account. If you use online money transfer oftenly you must be aware of phishing. Here are some ways be safe from Hackers Phishing attacks.

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8 ways be safe from Hackers Phishing attacks:

#1 Do not click on Hyper Links:

If you receive any e-mails which is from any official websites and it looks suspicious, Do not use the hyper link in the mail to log in into the account. Go to the official website by entering the link in the address bar and enter your user ID and password and check whether the mail is really from the website. If you found the mail is not from the official website do not response for that mail.

#2 Check for https:

Usually the webpage created by the hackers for phishing are without any httpps and also without secure lock icon. Before entering any confidential information like credit / debit card password in any website make sure you can see Https before the address of the website. Make sure Https (Not just Http) htpps are only very secured one. Check for Secure lock icon before the page url and double click on it to make sure the website is secured to enter confidential information.

For Example: Go to Facebook website, You can see both https and also secure lock icon in the url which ensures that facebook is safer to use and also to share confidential information.

#3 Avoid Pop-up Windows:

If any websites asked user name and password or any credit card password in a pop-up windows, Do not enter the details, Because it may be any hackers using phishing method to hack your account and access it. There is no way to check for security in pop-up windows. So do not enter any confidential information in pop-up windows even though it looks officially.

#4 Keep updated antivirus:

Now a days antivirus vendors providing their products which also checks for security in any webpage. As the rate of hacking is increasing antivirus vendors have included this feature in their product. So by keeping the anti virus up to date, It will easily detect any phishing website or any phishing tool and avoid us to use it.

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#5 Use Anti-spam Software:

Anti-spam software reduce the hackers phishing attacks. Most of the phishing attacks are spams. so by using anti-spam software phishing can be avoided and it detects itself in email and move it to trash.

#6 Complain the Spam Mails:

If you receive any spam mails or if you found any mail suspicious that may be from hackers phishing attacks, Forward the mail to  spam@uce.gov or complain about that mail in www.ftc.gov.

#7 Use MBSA:

MBSA is Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer which helps to protect your system from phishing and also checks all patches up to date. This tool can be downloaded directly from Microsoft official website.

Download MBSA 

#8 DNS Pharming Attacks:

This is a latest method used by hackers for Phishing attacks. They enter in DNS server rather than sending spam mails. If they poisoned DNS then they can redirect any webpage as their wish thus you may redirected to a fraudulent website which looks like an official webpage and they may get your personal confidential information. It is better to check for https and secure lock icon before entering any infromation.

Not only through spam mails and websites, Phishing method can also be done by using any software or apps like Gtalk, Yahoo messenger and more which looks like normal apps or software. So it is better to download any apps or software from official website rather than downloading from other sites.

Most of the victims being hacked because of their carelessness, So before entering into any website follow the 8 ways to be safe from Hackers Phishing attacks . If you are with more ways to avoid phishing attacks, Comment it below and help others to stay away from phishing.

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