How did My Website Look in Past

This is the first article of this year 2015, I have been thinking for long time on which topic should i publish article and i started to think about my website for past year. Checking how did My Website Look in Past  is the most favourite thing for all the bloggers even me, 2014 is the best year for my blog and i really excited to see how did my website look in past. You are not gonna see anything new if you haven’t changed your theme oftenly, I have changed my website theme for 6 times and i got 6 different views on different months form the beginning of 2014. If you need something interesting to check, You can check for facebook website in past, yes everyone will be more interested in checking that.


Website Look in Past

Wayback Machine

To check how does your website look in past or facebook or gmail you can check any website you wish. There are two ways. If you are a blogger you could use Alexa Traffic rank chrome extension to check it out. Else, just go to

Enter the URL for the website which you like to look in past and click on Browse history. You will get a calendar of past year with bubble mark,

website look in past


Yes those bubble marked dates denotes when does your website theme or view changed. Just click on the bubble mark to get your website view on that particular date. Unfortunately the wayback machine for facebook is not working on this website, Facebook restricted its access for some purpose. But still you can view other websites look in past. Start searching for your website and check it out. It is really cool to check how did my website look in past. If you are still interested to check how did facebook look in back here are some screen shots for you.

facebook in past



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