Two steps to Protect My website contents from copying

There are millions of blogs around the world and many blogs are being created by many bloggers. Most of the blogs depends on Google Adsense for their earnings. There is no problem with old professional bloggers but new born bloggers may copy some contents from a website and past it on their blog. But Google adsense does not approves those blogs which are with copied contents, sometimes a new born blogger may copies your website contents and pasted it on their blog, Google consider this as spam and rejects adsense account. And also having contents like this may also reduce your traffic, page rank, alexa rank and lets your website to a great loss. This article gives Two steps to Protect website contents from copying.

Protect My website contents from copying

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Steps to Protect My website contents from copying:

The best way to protect website contents from copying is disabling the copy option in your website,Its very easy for Word press users, because everything can be done by plugins in word press. There is also a plugin to Protect website contents from copying . But for bloggers this can done by using a script. here is detail description to Protect website contents from copying.

For Bloggers:

Follow the blow steps to Protect website contents from copying

  • Go to blogger website and log in into your blogger dashboard
  • Navigate to Template –> Edit HTML
  • Search for <head> tag using Ctrl + F option
  • Paste below code after the <head> tag
  • Save the Template, Now your websites contents are protected from copying.

    For WordPress Users:

    For WordPress Users there is a awesome plugin named WP-CopyProtect which disables both selection of text and right click option in your site. There is options to customize these settings. A user can enable or disable these features as they wish. Don’t forget to enable WP-copyprotect setting after installing it.

    Download WP-Copyprotect 

    This plugin surely helps your website contents from copying. But this protect further coping only what if your website contents copied already?  Here is a solution for this problem.

    How to check does any other websites have stolen your website contents:

    There are many web services to check your website contents are copied by any other sites or not. Here i suggest copyscape  which helps to search for duplicate contents. A big advantage with this web service is, It checks every single pages of a website rather than checking whole website at a time.  Thus it can give accurate result for plagiarism of your site.

    To avoid copying your website images, Put a watermark of your website name on the image thus no one could use the image for their site and also if they uses it, Its a free marketing for your site.

    Hope this article has helped you to protect website contents from copying, Give your valuable comments and also share your better ideas to Protect website contents from copying.

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