4 Ways to prevent WordPress Blog from Being Hacked

 Prevent WordPress Blog from Being Hacked: WordPress is a best place for all the bloggers to host their blogs and it has been used by over 25 percentage of new websites all over the world.  WordPress provides good blogging tools with desirable user interface and class content management system but there are many issues with its security system. Year by year the rate of hacking wordpress website were increasing and it moves many blogs to a risk stage. Here are some Ways to prevent WordPress Blog from Being Hacked.

Most of the hackers, hacks from hosting and there are many other possible wats for hackers like Themes, Weak Password, Plugins etc., But most of the hackers uses Hosting and other hackers uses plugins and themes to hack wordpress account. So before installing any themes, Make sure that those are from trusted sites. More than 144K websites were hacked in 2011 and it is increased to 170K in 2012. Last year statics says 220K WordPress accounts were hacked. To prevent your blog from hacking, Here are some ways to prevent wordpress blog from being hacked. Go through the safety ways and prevent your blog from being hacked.

 prevent WordPress Blog from Being Hacked

Choosing Hosting:

Whatever WordPress developers works hard to enhance its security, wordPress owners should also take care on security issue. As most of the hackers uses hosting to hack wordpress account, WordPress owners must be very careful while choosing hosting. A secured hosting should be with features like SSH, DDOS Protection, Secure POP3, sFTP, SSL support. Before getting into any hosting, make sure the hosting is with above features. Try to know about hosting background like its hardware features, Advanced technologies, qualified hardware and more.

It is better to ask suggestion to any users before selecting any hosting. Find any websites with the hosting you are going to buy or using, Try to contact its admin and ask whether it was hacked or not and also about other problems. From this way we can get accurate results than reading about any hosting in blogs.

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 Selecting Themes:

There are thousands of SEO themes in web and most of the wordpress users selects themes with good SEO Optimization and also with Adsense support. But no know cares about secured themes. There is no use of having a good SEO and Andsense optimized theme with low security. Many hackers creates wordpress themes and release it in web to hack wordpress account easily. It is highly recommended to use pro themes for blogs.  Pro themes are well checked and secured but free themes are with low security risk. More over Pro themes provides good frame works, SEO and Adsense optimized themes. If you are in a plan of launching big website, Choose Pro themes.

A secured theme utilize APIs properly provided by wordpress. Proper APIs avoid direct manipulation with database and other stuffs.

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Protect WP-Config.php:

WP-Config.php is a plays a vital role on hacking. It sends every single action in wordpress to its server so hackers uses Wp-config.php to hack any websites. WP-Config.php contains highly secured information like User Name, Password, Database name. Make sure your WP-config.php is secured. Make it more secure by using secret key generation tool. This helps to random salts for cookies in wordpress.

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Protect Admin Files and .htaccess :

Make your admin files secure and make it inaccessible by others. It can be done by using .htaccess. You can make it accessible to specific IP address and hence it prevent blog from hacking. It is better to access your account from a static IP address. If it is accessed by more IP address it would be very hard for wordpress for the hackers. There are many scripts to prevent accessible. If you are at the high risk of hacking, Then use those scripts to make your account secure.

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These are the some important ways to prevent wordpress blog from being hacked. Yet there are some other important tips to prevent hacking, Some are mentioned below.

  • Change Password Frequently
  • Use Secured Plugins
  • Limit Log in attempts
  • Change User name

Hackers uses above stuffs to hack any accounts, Make these stuffs secure in your wordpress account and protect your blog. If you are with someother better way to prevent WordPress Blog from Being Hacked, Give you valuable suggestion below and make our readers to secure their account.


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