How to Place Sticky Ads in your Blog

Blogging is the only way to Share Reviews or Research Results all over the World. Some Bloggers are Blogging to Earn Money, Some Bloggers are Blogging to Share their reviews about their Research, Some are blogging for Personal use. The First Category, Bloggers who are Blogging to Earn Money Allows Ads to their site from a service Like Google Adsense or There are several Services like this who gives Money. Earning Money depends on how many blog viewers Clicking the Ads. For a Click Bloggers will earn Some Money thats depends on their Service used. To Earn More Money there should be more Clicks by the blog viewers. To get more Clicks, Ads should be neat and it should be Visible to the Blog Viewers. By Placing Sticky Ads in the site, The Ads will be more Visible for the Viewers which leads to More Earnings. is with a Facitity of Adding Sticky Ads in the site.  This Article will explain How to Place Sticky Ads in your Blog.

What is Sticky Ads:

These Ads Sticks in a Place of your Site and it will comes till bottom of the page up to where a Visitor Scroll the Page. As it Moves as the Page is Scroll Down or Up the Viewer of the Blog can view the Ads easily.

How to Place Sticky Ads:-

To Get Ads in your Site, First you have to Signup in and Request an Invite.
After the Approval of your Site by, Go to Blogger Templates -> Edit HTML and Paste the below codes.


Now Save the Template and Go to Ad Unit and Create a New Ad Unit.

It is Advised to Set the Size of Ad as "120 x 600" Vertically
Click on Get the Code, Copy the Code and Paste it in theSection of your HTML Document in Blogger Templates.
In-front of the Ad Cod Type:

and at the End Type


Now Save the Template, You are done. Check your Site now, It will be with Sticky Ads, That will Comes with your Page and will make you to earn More Money.


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