How to check theme SEO Optimized or NOT

SEO Optimized theme is a must needed one to run a blog successfully. Its really a toughest job for a blogger to select a theme that suits for their blogs, There are tons of themes available in internet which make a blogger to get into confusion to select a best theme for blog. Before buying any themes or installing any themes for blog, it is a must one to check theme SEO Optimized or NOT. Most of the blogger traffic depends on SEO, So SEO must be checked.

How to check theme SEO Optimized or NOT

What is SEO Optimized Theme:

A good SEO Optimized theme is one which helps a blog to be well sufficient for Search Engine to show in better result. SEO Optimization includes Heading Tags, Post format, Widgets Arrangements and more.

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How to Check theme SEO Optimized:

Not all the Theme Designers are aware of SEO optimization while creating a theme so it is a must one to check SEO Optimization before installing any themes. Most of the premium themes and Default Word Press Themes are SEO Optimized themes. So it is much better to use Default WP themes or Premium themes. Here we go how to check theme SEO Optimized or not.

There is an Add on for Firefox browser for this purpose

  • Install Web developer Plugin for Fire Fox

Download Web Developer Plugin

  • Now click on DEMO theme or go to your blog to check for SEO Optimization
  • In Web Developer Tool bar Click CSS à Disable Styles à All Styles (This can be also done by Ctrl+Shift+S)

This is what actually Google does before it crewel a website, this action will disables all CSS styles and JavaScript. SEO Optimization of a theme can be found by checking its Title and H1 Arrangements.


Now if theme is SEO Optimized, The title or main keyword should appear at the top of the page. Some theme shows site logo at the top of the page which harms SEO Optimization of a site. So if the Title or Main keyword is at the top of the page then your site is SEO Optimized

H1 Tag:

For a good SEO Optimized theme there must me one H1 Tag in a page, (Post to views, other widgets may contain H1 Tags) View page source and check for H1 Tag, If you found many H1 tags then the theme is not good for SEO Optimization.

Check for SEO Optimization of your blog theme and if it does not suit with the above conditions first change the theme of your blog. If you have more ideas to check SEO optimization of a theme give your valuable suggestions in comments.

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