How to earn money online

Most of teens would like to earn money online for their pocket money and many other wants to earn money online without investing any Bucks and some others would like to earn money from home. If you are one of them, You are in right place. Online is a very big connectivity place which brings everything in a computer. There are lot of stuffs that can be done using internet and most important thing is there are lot of ways to earn money online. But it is not smart to believe in every online jobs and work for it. Most of the online jobs are cheating, They make you to work, They get benefit but they won’t give credits for your work. So before jumping into any online work be sure they are good and gives you proper credits for your work. This article showers you to how to earn money online.

earn money online

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There are two different kinds of people who wants to earn money online:

  • One kind of people are skilled, Who knows about Web designing, Logo designing, Skilled on writing contents, Bloggers, Coders etc.,
  • Another kind of people are not skilled, Who doesn’t knows about anything but they too can earn money online

For Skilled People to earn money online:

There are lots of opportunities for skilled people who wants to earn money online. Skilled people can stand with their own legs, They don’t have to depend on others to earn money online. Here are some ways to earn money online for skilled people.

For Content writers and Bloggers:

If you are good in English, You can earn money online by starting a blog or as freelancer. Blogging is a best way to earn money online without any risk. If you can’t invest any money then you can start blog at free of cost in which was provided by Google. And if you are ready to make some investments, Then try to buy hosting, buy a domain and start your own blogging carrier about any niche that you are interested.

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How to earn money from Blogging:

After successfully stepped into your blogging carrier, Apply for Google AdSense which was used by most of the bloggers which displays ads on your blog and pays you when a visitor clicks on any Ads. Suppose if you are not approved by Adsense, Don’t hesitate there are many other services like Taggify, Infolinks, Adbright,, Chitika and more. But Adsense is only best and gives more income than other services. To get adsense approval there should be good visitors, good alexa rank, and contents should be genuine. Use SEO optimized themes to get good amount of visitors.

There are many other ways to make money from blogging like writing paid posts to some other bloggers, or making your blog popular and selling it. Try Sponsoredreviews to earn money online through blogging. Sponsoredreviews will gives you some topics which you have to write about it in your blog and pays for it.

How to earn money through Freelancer:

Working with freelancing is similar to blogging. If you don’t have any knowledge on blogging and how to maintain a website then you can go for freelancing websites. But you need to be passionate and also a little knowledge about any niche to work with freelancing websites. There are many Freelancing websites which are ready to pay your for your work.

Some freelancing websites:

Odesk, Elance ,Guru, Freelancer, Wrietrsbureau  etc.,

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If you have good knowledge on web designing, then start to build your own site with attractive stuffs and launch it or sell it to any other interested persons and earn money through it. Advertise yourself through social network and many other possible ways as you can, Get more contacts and start your web designing carrier.

T-Shirt / Logo Designing (Photoshop):

Photoshop is a best place to design anything attractively, If you have good knowledge on Photoshop and also making Doodles or designing anything attractively with your own creativity then use these knowledge on T-Shirt Design or Logo Design. Create your own design and sell it to any interested person who are having websites. Cafeperss and Spreadshirt which helps you to design for T-shirt and if your design is genuine and attractive they will buy it.

Starting Online Tutorials:

Having a very great knowledge on any stuffs or subject? Just contact a website designers and ask him to develop a website as you need to demonstrate tutorial in the site and starts to earn money from adsense and also charge for tutorials. If you are good on teaching and if your tutorials are simple and easy understandable surely you would get many students. is a best online tutorial website.

Suppose if you are not ready to start any websites at your own risk, Then make video of your tutorials and upload it in you tube. Check how to earn from you tube to know more.

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Earn from You tube:

Start a you-tube channel and upload any computer tricks or any tutorials or any other interesting videos like any accidents that you shoot on your cam and apply for adsense in you tube to earn money. To upload any computer tricks or any games your can use screen capture software like Camtasia to record your computer screen. Its very easy to get ansense approval from you tube channels. To get more earning, Upload videos frequently and share it to get more visitors.

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For Not Skilled People to earn money online:

Earn by uploading files:

For those who are not skilled, Just upload and share those files and documents. You will get payed for each download. There are many services which pays for each download here are two sites where you can give a try. ShareCashFileice.

Earn by clicks:

This is a very easiest job to earn money online but it takes a little bit more time as you have to do it as a park time job. You just have to click on some ads and answer some questions. You are done, Now you will be payed. Try Clicksense

Earn from Social Media:

If you are very popular on facebook or any other social network. Or you own a very popular facebook page then you can try klout which tracks your social network page and asks you some tasks to perform on your page then they will give credit for it.

Earn from Data Entry:

Mturk is a online service which gives many tasks like checking duplicate contents, Transcribing audio recording for Data Entry work and it gives proper payout according to your work.

Hope this article is much enough for those who wants to earn money online. Select a best service to earn money online, Concentrate on it and get more income. Give your valuable comments if you know more sites to earn money online and also share your experience if you had used any one of the above mentioned services. Wish you all the best to make money online.

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