How to Create Website like Facebook

Everyone wish to Create a website like facebook which is a most popular social network. So you are one of them wish to create social network like facebook? You are in right place. Facebook is a very popular social network with lots of stuffs like chatting, pages, groups, games, apps and more fun you can see in facebook. Facebook founder “Mark Zuckerberg” is one of the finest businessman and earning millions of  dollars per month. So do you want to become like facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg? Its simple, you can also create a website like facebook with more extra stuffs than in facebook. Its very easy to create a website like facebook. Even more than facebook. This article will explain you to create a social network like facebook.

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Start your Social Network:

To create a social network like facebook, You don’t need to know any languages like PHP or ASP etc., PHPFox gives you complete script to start a social network like facebook with many customization facilities and also with free plugins and addons. PHPFox provides the ability to create a social network like facebook with feature packed.You can create a social network for your university students to stay connected with each other. PHPFox provides the facilities like 

website like facebook


  • Apps
  • Chat
  • Pages & Groups
  • Activity Feed
  • Mobile
  • Privacy
  • AJAX
  • Browsing
  • CMS
  • Monetize
  • Extensibility
  • Theme Management
  • Administration
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Users Groups
  • Blogs
  • Photos
  • Attachments
  • Forum
  • Polls
  • Shoutbox
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Friends
  • Private Messing
  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Events
  • Music
  • Marketplace
  • Account Privacy
  • Subscriptions
  • Custom Fields
  • Multilingual
  • Social Sharing
  • Members Profiles
  • Instant Messenger

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How to Create:

  • Are you dreaming to create such site with above mentioned feature? Its very easy to create social network with PHPFox.
  • Get PHPFox to get the script for social network. Its a premium one there is no free service
  • To save all the data of your social network you need to buy a hosting server. We recommend Hostgator which gives offers for the below mentioned coupon codes.

CRYPTOFF25 -> 25% offer to your total bill in Hostgator 
CRYPTOFF994 -> $0.01 for a month 

  • Use FTP to upload all the files to the server. (Such as FileZilla)
  • Get a domain for your Social Network
  • Provide all necessary input data in database and user information also
  • Create a admin profile with your email address
  • You are done. Now you are owning a social network like facebook

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Basic Requirements for Hosting:

The Host server should undergo the basic requirements of PHPFox, Some requirements are mentioned below

website like facebook

Moreover, There is no encryption in the social network script, So you can edit it and use it upto your own extreme. By creating such social network you can become a famous person in your university and also there are many ways to earn money using social network. PHPFox gives most easiest way to create a website like facebook and also it gives the facility to customize it. PHPFox also giving its full script, So if you are with more creativity than Mark Zuckerberg, Surely you can beat facebook and come over with your social network.

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