Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Search Engine Optimization is very important one to make a blog successful. Its a very known thing for every webmasters that SEO play vital role to drive traffic for a blog. But still there are many bloggers who are unaware of SEO. Many Word press bloggers uses many plugins to enhance their blog SEO. But the try fact is SEO also depends on words of an article. Every article should be written on the basis of SEO only. Many bloggers are making many mistakes on SEO and losing their traffic. If you are not getting traffic then the main reason will be SEO only. You site theme may not be SEO Optimized or your article were not written on SEO basis. Here are some common SEO mistakes to avoid by bloggers.

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO Mistakes to Avoid :

Stop Paid Links:

This is on of the common SEO mistakes to avoid by bloggers. Its a true fact, Backlinks increases site page rank and Alexa Rank. But it cannot be increased by paid links. Google identify fake paid links easily and make your site alexa and page rank down. If you are a link buyer for you blog, Stop doing like it. Google is more smart than we think. Try to build natural links to get good page rank and alexa.

Write Big Contents:

There are tons of blogs in web with trillion of contents but all contents are not a value one. Google consider a article as SEO optimized when it is with more than 500 words. I have seen many articles with 200 or even 100 words. But if you wrote such contents you won’t get traffic for your blog. To get good traffic you must make a article with more than 500 words.

Consider Alt Tag:

Every blogger must give important on Alt Tag while importing any images in their article. Many bloggers are not caring about Alt Tags but its also a important one. When some one searches for images in google, Google shows results base on Alt Tags. So if the search keyword matches your Alt tag, You site image may shows on search result and drives you traffic. More over other search engines  like Yahoo, Bing, AOL Etc., considers Alt Tag to show search results.

Rename the Images:

When ever a image is uploaded to include it in a article it must be renamed before uploading. Name the image with the article heading. Most of the bloggers won’t rename their images before or after their upload in article. Consider it as important one for every blog post.

These are the most common SEO mistakes to avoid by bloggers. Yet there are many other mistakes but these are not even cared by many bloggers. So i have mentioned it all in this article. If you are with any other important SEO mistakes to avoid, Give it in comment and make other to get benefit.

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