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The role of facebook has been increasing step by step and now it started to play vital role on every field. Facebook can be said as best place for marketing for every fields. From Chips to Apple companies all have a facebook page to promote their products and also to get reviews for their products. There are no techies without facebook account and this shows how facebook ruled all over the world. All the bloggers are with a facebook page and sharing their blog articles to make article popular. Have you ever think about bringing facebook chat in website / Blog ? How it would  be if all visitors starts to chat on your site ? Quite interesting ? Lets check How to bring facebook chat in website / Blog.

Bring Facebook Chat in Website / Blog ~ ChatWing

Why to Bring facebook Chat in Website / blog ?

Before bringing facebook chat in website / blog, Every blogger may have this question. Why should we bring facebook chat in website / Blog ?  Chatting is the only one easy and best way for communication. Lots of things can be shared in chatting and it makes the visitor to stay a little long time in a blog or website, This is the main reason to install chat box in website or blog. And more over this may helps a visitor to clarify his / her doubts if they have any and also some visitors may get new friends. As the chat box is linked with facebook one can easily view his / her profile and they may get more. If you are using a normal potty chat box, Check this feature and make chat box better than the previous one.

Only Facebook Chat ?

No, This article also explains how to bring Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and common group chat. These chat can be get by a single chat service and that is well known as ChatWing. Here we go how to set it.

How to bring Facebook Chat in Website / Blog :

Chatwing is a chat service network which helps to bring Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and common chat box in a website / blog. Its a free service and also very easy to work with it. A banal sign up is needed and very easy to create codes and also with lots of customization options for the chat box. Just we have to place the code in Header file of our site and another code in widgets where we wish to set chat box. As there are lots of easy customization option  any one can make the chat box as their wish. There is no need of coding knowledge to bring this chat box in website or blog. More over Chatwing gives revenue to the bloggers by the ads they display on chat box. Its an option only, If you don’t like to display ads in chat box you can remove it. What do you need more than these features? Here we go how to install Chatwing in website or blog.

How to Install Facebook Chat in Website / Blog :

  • Go to ChatWing website
  • Click on “Get ChatWing Now”
  • Fill the Sign up form with your email ID and Password
  • Now you can see a Dashboard, “Click on Create Chatbox”
  • You can find lots of customization options to create chat box. Create a chat box as you wish
  • Click on Save button
  • Now click on “Use” Button and navigate to Embedded Options
  • You can find two Java Script codes, Just copy the above one and paste it in header section of your site
  • Copy the second one and paste it in Widgets where you want to display chat box
  • Save all settings, Its all done

Now you can find Chat box in your website with many Log in Options like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Groups etc., This chat box is also with the feature of making group chats.

Features of this Chat:

Read it to use it more effectively

There are lots of Features with ChatWing, Here we are listing some of them.

  1. Combine Chat (Can link chat network with other sites which helps to get many chatters)
  2. More color customization options for chat box
  3. Background image can be set in chat box
  4. As image uploading, Audio Video uploading feature also available in chat box
  5. Secured and Privacy can be maintained
  6. Website Logo can be set in Chat box
  7. Many Granular options like different fonts , links detection, audio video detection and more
  8.  Lots of User control options
  9. Separate windows chat can be created
  10. Themes can be applied
  11. Admin can ban any users
  12. Group Chat options

These feature are more enough for a website or blog and still there are many other options in ChatWing. Just make a try before neglecting this chat box. If you found satisfied you can use it else remove the chat box or use older chat box. If you found any problem or any doubts with this chat box, Feel free to comment. We will giver proper solution for your problem.


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