10 Ways to get more views on Youtube

10 Ways to get more views on Youtube :

Youtube is a big video search engine powered by google. As google is famous for its web, image search. Youtube is famous for video search. Youtube has regular traffic of more than 3 billion for a month. A quite large traffic. Its really very hard for a blogger to get such traffic for his / her blog, But youtube does it because it is the only one best video search engine all over the world. It would be good if we have youtube channel rather than maintaining a blog. The aim of having a blog is to get knowledge and also to earn, This both can done by having a youtube channel. But to get more earnings from youtube there must be more views on youtube channel. Here some ways to get more views on youtube.

 get more views on Youtube

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How to get more vies on youtube:

This article does not says to share videos to get more views, There are some technical ways to get more views on Youtube. And also concentrate on subscribers which is also a main source of traffic. Here we go to get more views on Youtube.

#1 Youtube Annotations:

Youtube Annotations is a best way to get more views on Youtube, And also it will get more subscribers and also link to your blog.  Youtube Annotations displays some banners in the videos while playing and it make the viewers to check it out. You can put a link to another video of your channel or ask to subscribe your channel in the banner. If your video is very interesting, Surely they will check it other videos and also subscribe to your channel.

How to Set Annotations:

  • Upload any videos on youtube channel
  • Then go to Video Manger -> Uploads
  • Click on Down bar menu next to edit button
  • Select Annotation
  • Then add any annotations as your wish (Speech bubble, Note, Title, Spot light, Label)
  • Write anything in the annotations and put a link to other video or subscribe page

Surely this trick will get more views on Youtube. Its just like having inter bound links on blogs to keep a visitor in a blog. Set annotations for every videos and make a visitor to keep viewing your videos.

#2 Use Proper Keywords:

As youtube is linked with youtube, Most of the google search shows its related videos on youtube. Concentrate on giving title to your video. Try to set relevant keyword as a users search in google and bring your video in the first page of search. And also concentrate on tags and description which also take a part of getting more views on youtbe.

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#3 Link Blog and Youtube:

If you are with a blog and youtube channel, Display a widget of youtube channel on your blog. And also add some tutorial videos on your blog posts.

#4 Get Partners:

Youtube provides a option “Featured Channels” which recommends other videos on your channel. So by the same way you can make your channel to display on any other related videos. Contact any other youtube channel owner and ask him to place your videos on his featured channels and also as a pay you place his channel videos on your featured channels. This will get more views on both channels.

#5 Conduct Giveaway:

Giveaway is a best way for getting traffic on blogs and also youtube. Conduct any giveaway and as the participants to subscribe youtube channel and also share your channel. If you are with many subscribers surely you will be having more viewers. Concentrate on subscribers.

#6 Use Playlists:

Playlists is one of the best way to get more views. After playing a video, Youtube shows other recommended videos on the player. These videos are from playlist. If you are having 4 or 5 videos in a playlist, Those videos will be recommend for the viewers next to a video which gets your more traffic.

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#7  Response Video:

Make a viewer to comment on your videos and also give proper response to those comments. Responding those comments will get a good impression and make the viewer to view your channel regularly.

#8 Share Videos:

This is a main stuff to get more views on youtube, Ask the viewers to share your videos and also recommend for subscribers at the end of the video. Share your video on all social networks and also give likes to them.

#9 Thumb UP video:

After publishing a video on your channel, Thumb UP your video. This will make a viewer to see it atleast it is having a like. This a small trick to encourage a viewer to see your video.

#10 Upload Attractive Video:

Upload Attractive video which apt to your channel to get more views. This will makes a viewer to share your video and also recommend others to watch your channel.

If you are with more ideas to get more views on youtube, Give your valuable suggestions in comment and make other viewers to get more views.

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