Xbox one Perfect for Gaming

Microsoft always works to deliver good gaming console for all gaming geeks, As an outcome microsoft unveils Xbox one an updated console of Xbox 360. Generally Xbox always provides a better gaming experience to all gamers but Xbox one is one step ahead which provides real and most comfortable experience to all gamers. Features in this gaming console made it as  Xbox one perfect for gaming. There are lots of articles on web about Xbox one, Here you can find what actually Xbox one acts like. Here we go some cool features about Xbox one.

xbox one gamming

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Xbox One Design

Xbox one is not only designed for gaming purpose, it provides a Windows 8 Tiles interface with lots of apps like Skype chats, catch-up TV,  Virgin, BT, Freeview and Freesat TV services alongside music and more which you can’t find anything on Playstation. It provides a better home experience also with Good gaming effects. Physically Xbox one is slim and fit to small environment which occupies less space.

Cool Kinect

Users always prefers easy way interaction with computer and Microsoft provides a easy way for interacting with Gaming console. With Kinect, Xbox one sees you and also heres your commands. Yes, Xbox one is with Voice command recognition. It works on voice command like opening an application, Shutdowning the console and more. Most of the users like it but still there are many complaints about voice recognition is not accurate still it needs a better hardware update.

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Wireless Joystick

Wireless technologies are trending now. Instead of a sitting near the console with limited wire limit, Xbox one provides wireless joystick with Good rechargeable battery backup. Xbox one can stand up to for a week with it’s battery power as it is charged full. Analogs controls has made more accurate so everything can be controlled easy with your hand.

Game Installation

This stands little back on Xbox one. Xbox one take longer time on installing Games but users always prefers for a fast installing console. Still Microsoft is working on fixing this issues. Hope soon gamers will get update on fast installing gaming console.

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Other than Gaming

Xbox one provides more than gaming as it is with Windows 8 Tiles interface one can find many apps on it like Skype chats, catch-up TV,  Virgin, BT, Freeview and Freesat TV services alongside music and more. Video streaming also available in Xbox one which perfectly fits in home which most people prefers to have.

Media Support

Xbox one supports Blue-ray, DVD and 3D too which provides perfect Entertainment for all. Xbox one is worth to buy in this high cost with all these features.

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