How to Win Flipkart’s Big Billion Day

It’s flipkart time and everyone get ready to get your favourite products from flipkart for free if you are lucky. Yeah. Flipkart is offering a Big deal with it products. It’s flipkart’s big billion day. Tomorrow may be your biggest day ever and you may be winning ₹ 1,00,000. October 6 Flipkart the Big Billion Day and the sales starts from Tomorrow morning 8 AM. You don’t have to buy anything to win this challenge. All you need to do is just add your favourite product in wish list and to download flipkart app. Don’t forget to sign-in in flipkart app after installing it in your mobile. Here we go how to enter Flipkart’s Big Billion day challenge. It’s not a big thing. Anyone can enter this challenge.

flipkart big billion day

How to Win Flipkart’s Big Billion Day

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How to Enter Flipkart’s Big Billion Day

You have to add your favourite product in Wishlist and share the contest page during its promotional period.  Now you are in Flipkart Big Billion Challenge. Now you have chance of winning ₹ 1,00,000. This is for 5 lucky winners and other 2,500  lucky winners can get ₹1000 worth gift vouchers. Don’t try to cheat flipkart by adding wishlist from multiple accounts. You may be disqualified.

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Adding to Wishlist

Add more than one product from flipkart in wish list and also share the contest page in promotional period. This will add entry automatically for Big Billion day. This is one of the way to add your entries and also number of times you add products to wish list and number of times it is shared on social networks is also considered.

How to Win

By adding at least one product in wish list and sharing the contest page on social networks helps you to win this challenge. Facebook plays vital role for this contest. Do share on facebook about the contest page on promotional time. Flipkart provides share button at bottom of the page. This will increase your entries. Chances of winning depends on number of entries. Customers and friends and family of flipkart from tamilnadu are not eligible for this Big Billion day. 6th October 8 Am is the end time. Share as much you can get entries and improve your chances for winning gift vouchers.

And also Install Flipkart app on your smartphones to increase the chances for winning. Don’t forget to sign-in.

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