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Good news for all ios users. A new messaging app called Talko app is launched by Ray Ozzie who was Microsoft Chief Software architect last week. After a big step down for him in 2010, he launched this app with his team with some cool feature of voice call into it. Since 1980’s, he is the busy man who worked in VisiCalc, First Spreadsheet app. He also invented Lotus notes and then this to IBM for some billions. Then he founded Groove Networks, a peer-to-peer collaboration app. In 2005, he sold that app to Microsoft. Then he took the guide from Bill Gates as Microsoft Chief Software architect. After lots of think he did, now he step into Talko app. Let’s see something about Talko app – Ray Ozzie.


Talko App – Talk Share Do

Talko app is little bit combinations of some of the apps like WhatsApp, Google Voice and Voxer app (push to talk). Like most of the Top App offers, this app also offers some of the basic features like text, call, photo messages, Video messages, conference call etc… This also works similar to the Soundcloud (i.e.) the user can bookmark some of the important text messages or voice messages and he/she can use it later. This app is specially designed to convert few minutes conversation meeting documents or conference call or some serious of messages or photos into live conversation. And also all that conversation contains some URL which can access by only the users who participate in that conversation or conference.

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This app also designed as sending the typed text into the spoken word. Ray Ozzie also talks about this Talko App in The New York Times interview that is “I can’t predict how this thing will turn out, but by making voice as easy to use as text, it will change things”. This app also offers indicator which helps to find whether he/she is really talking in another call or just listening the user call. It also indicates the signal whether he/she is available to chat or not. Talko app also act as flexible to all users (i.e.)if the Talko app user is talking in a call means he/she can also snap a photo by using Talko app and share with his/her contacts or in a conversations. You may already know this facility already came for iphone users in T-mobile or AT-T. But for Verizon and Sprint users this Talko App is facility is new for them to snap a photo and send while call.

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Talko App also stores all the messages that the user received for 10 days. If the user needs to store some of the important messages permanently, then the user needs to buy a paid subscription from $5 to $9 for every month. Due to this App is new to market, this app stores all the messages free for some months. The Talko App user has a big advantage that he/she can record more than one message at a time which helps in working organization.

Now, this app supports for ios users only. We hope that in few months this app will develop and gets support to Android and Web users.

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