Share a post in Multiple facebook pages with a single click

Facebook is a best place for marketing some products. If a product or service is published in facebook, It will reach the people fastly as it can. There are millions of users in facebook and at least each facebook user is connected to 1000’s people. And also facebook is using by the people all over the world, Hence by sharing some contents in facebook will spread it all over the world if the content is good. There are many pages and groups in facebook. Creating a page for a particular product or service and sharing through it will makes the content to reach more than an ordinary sharing. Because a facebook page or groups connects the people who are not in your friends list. It can be strongly said that, If a content is shared in many groups and pages it will reach the people all over the world.
This post is specially for bloggers and marketers. Before facebook, it is very hard to publish a product or getting more visitors for a website. Facebook has made it easy now. But sharing a post in many groups is a little hard one. Because we have to spend lots of time to share our post to other pages and groups. And also there are many chances for leaving many groups without sharing our content. The may let to loss of visitors.
Here is a solution for it, There are lots of app to reduce our work. To Share a post in Multiple facebook pages with a single click.

Share a post in Multiple facebook pages

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How to share a post in many groups at a time:

Post planner is a facebook app which helps you to post in multiple pages and groups at a time that you have subscribed. This app will be very useful to share the products and blogger links to get more views and reach the people fastly. This app is very simple with an easy user interface. You can post in many number of groups and can get more views of your page or products.
Post Planner:
You can try this app for freely for certain time with some conditions. You have to pay for the app for using it without any restrictions. The plans for Post planner can be see in the below link.
See Plans:

Surely this app will be very useful to get more visitors and also to reach the product at a earliest time. Use the Post planner freely for some days and if you found it as useful select a plan and use it without any restrictions

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