Play high configuration Games without Graphics Card

Playing high configuration Games is a best entertainment for every computer lovers. Generally professional gamer’s plays high resolution and high graphics compatible games. If you are gamer sometimes you may get some troubles with graphics card or it may not work properly or you may don’t’ have graphics card. So what would you do to play games which won’t run without graphics card. Many games will get stuck due to incompatible graphics support. Don’t worry if you stuck with such a problem. Programmers all around the world are working and creating many software’s to give solutions for many problems. There is a software which helps you to play games without graphics card. This article will help you to play high configuration games without graphics card which needs graphics card. 3D-Analyzer will help to play games without graphics card.

High configuration games

How to Play high configuration Games without Graphics Card :

Play high configuration Games:- 3D-Analyzer:

To play any games without graphics card, we have to replace the graphics card requirements by any other stuffs. 3D-Analyzer is a perfect tool which replaces the graphics card requirements. It provides the features like Pixel shader, emulate Tnl Caps etc., and it is also with 3D feature. Download and install 3D-Analyzer in your system and process the following steps.

Get 3D-Analyzer 

without Graphics Card:-How to set Settings in 3D-Analyzer:

  • Extract and run the application
  • Click on “Select” button and select the game “Executable file” (Don’t select the shortcut)


  • To get the original file of a shortcut, Right click shortcut -> Properties -> Open file location
  • To get “VendorID and DeviceID”  of your game, Open the Game file location and search for a “Text Document” 


  • Open the text document and search for Vendor and Device ID


  • Copy both the ID’s and paste it in 3D analyzer
  • Check the other boxes of DirectX, OpenGL options, Pixel and Vertex Shader, Game / Demo fixes as your wish
  • Finally Click on “Run” button now you are ready to play the game. You don’t need to save the batch file

3D-Analyzer will be more useful on playing high configuration games in low performance system. And also it is a best emulator for graphics card. So if you want to play any games which needs graphics card you can try 3D-Analyzer.


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