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If your are interested on writing articles, sharing and editing it, a new apps is here for you which is named as Quip. This app is specially for Tablet and Mobile phone users and it also works in desktop. If you are creating a document, now you can create in your tablet or Iphone rather than creating it in your System. Using quip one can create document, share the document, tag friends and also chat with friends. Here is a small review about Online Document Creator Quip

online document creator

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Quip is a word platform with some additional features like sharing the document, Tagging the documents and also online chatting with friends. Quip is specially for creating documents in Tablets and also in Phones

Download Link:

For Apple products:

To access Quip in PC go to: and sign in into it using your email address. 

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Sharing a document:

Quip helps to share a document with your friends in contact list and also you can invite your friends via email or text message. While working as a team, quip will be very much usefull as it has the features to create document and giving rights to edit it for some persons.


Quip shows notifications about any messages, Created documents, friends shared files with you. For Iphones and Ipads push notifications can be enabled.


Chat is a best way to keep in touch with friends. Quip is with chat facilities which will be very much useful to discuss with friends while creating a document.

Offline Accessibility:

Quip can be accessed in offline also. If you are in out of coverage or in flight, You can create your document without internet connection and also work in offline.


One of the exciting feature with quip is collaboration only. One can share their documents with their friends in their contacts list and also can email the document. Which will be very helpful to discuss about a document.

Upload features:

There is options to upload images in quip and also with inserting tables, Linking to a document and also to a web page.

Quip is with many exciting features and also gives comfortable options. If you found quip is very useful you can just sign into it using your email and start using quip. This app is available for apple products only, soon it will be made available for android devices.

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