Look Out for Facebook Hack,Tinder

                       Now, we are rightly in the holiday season. So, it is the perfect time for all to share their time with their friends or their loved ones to make their precious time as lovable one. In that time, there are lots of opportunities to your friends to have a mischief with you like hacking your Tinder account using prank which is developed by software Engineer – Robert Heaton at San Francisco through online payment processor stripe.


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Look Out for Facebook Hack,Tinder                                       

The people who want to hack or use your Tinder account just needs to access your computer directly. If they got the opportunity to access directly, then they can do lots of worse things like changing your Tinder profile picture or they claim you to gloom. There is also a trick for the real prank people that they can also use your Tinder account by using the method, cookie-Tossing (i.e.) which helps the users to hack or use your Tinder account even you just went out from the computer for just two minutes.

 Possible Ways to Hack your Tinder Account by Prank:

 There are four possibilities are available for the Pranksters to target you to hack your Tinder account. They are

  • If you are moving away from the computer without locking the computer screen.
  • If you did not log out from the Facebook like so many people do.
  • If you stay logged into the Facebook in Chrome browser.
  • If you have Tinder active account, a dating and hooking apps which uses the members Facebook accounts.

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Prank Works to hack your Tinder Account:                               

When you left your computer for some time, then your friends can come and work in your computer by downloading a chrome extension- EditThisCookie. This helps your friend to copy your Facebook login-session credentials where the cookies are stored in chrome. When your friends (Pranksters) mailed those cookies to themselves for reusable purpose of their own computers is called as “cookie toss”. To make this task, the Pranksters need only few minutes. Once the Task is completed, then the Pranksters can hack or use your Tinder and Facebook accounts for the next hour.

Tinder cannot be access the directly from the computer or using Facebook cookies because Tinder is the mobile app. So, the next intention is to make the Facebook app to work in mobiles. To make this access is little bit tough. But it makes the Prankster to force to delete the Facebook app from his/her Smartphone’s or forcing the prankster to sign out from their Tinder Account which makes him/her to download the Tinder otherwise. By making the final settings as “man in the middle” b/w your Facebook and Tinder accounts, the Facebook can be accessed through phone’s mobile browser.

Until you log-out from your Facebook account or the cookies-tossed session expire, the Pranksters can access your Tinder account via their Smartphone’s and they can change your Tinder profile pictures or make you to gloom.

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