International Number for WhatsApp

    When you see this title you really got excited about to know what actually the International number for WhatsApp is. The International number for WhatsApp is actually about WhatSim which is exclusively made for the WhatsApp users. Let me explain about what actually WhatSim is. We all know that WhatsApp has nearly 700 million monthly active users. But it’s one of the major detriments in WhatsApp is its Data connection and its roaming charges. To get rid of this, Zero Mobile introduces WhatSim. WhatSim allows the WhatsApp users to use it without any limits. That is WhatSim allows WhatsApp users to use WhatsApp without internet connection and send messages from any part of the world without roaming charges. Wants to know more detail about WhatSim? Then why delay, Have a look on WhatSim comrade.


International Number for WhatsApp

WhatSim is a SIM card.  This SIM card number is especially made to use WhatsApp (i.e.) we have a separate number for WhatsApp.  Like a SIM card, we have to recharge for WhatSim also. Recharge plans are available in different categories depends upon their country. WhatSim is available only on online, it costs 10 Euros (approximately Rs.714) plus 5 Euros (approximately Rs.350) for shipping. It is available in nano, micro and standard SIM size. It is adaptable for 400 different networks in 150 countries. If you are in travelling means, it automatically switches into that country’s network without any roaming charges. This is one of the best boons for the travelers who want to connect with their family/friends or their loved ones via WhatsApp.

Recharge plans are divided into 4 zones. These 4 zones have different countries. Each zone has some credits for sending photos, videos, voice notes. Contacts and Location are unlimited for all zones. India is currently in zone 3 and users will need 150 credits to send photos, 600 credits to send videos and 30 credits to send voice messages.


Why WhatSim?

To eliminate the roaming charges and need for data connection, WhatSim is introduced. When we go out of city or country, we need to buy a new SIM card for mobile data connection; it may look costly for the temporary visitors. At those situations WhatSim is really helpful for them. WhatSim automatically searches the available operator in case of your change in position. If any network operator available in high signal, it automatically switches into that network without the user noticing it. WhatSim never expires but we have to recharge it to earn credits. It has neither fixed cost nor monthly payments. That’s why we called this as International number for WhatsApp.


Why not?

          Even though WhatSim provides us an unlimited text message, it needs some extra credits to send other multimedia messages. It is also too costly for just 1 year service. If you want to send only text messages while on your travelling WhatSim is the boon. Otherwise it is the bane only because of its costliness. It is cheap to buy a local SIM card on your traveling compare to WhatSim. It is not only the alternative to use the WhatsApp without data connection; there are many alternatives available but limited in their country like ovivo in United Kingdom.

WhatSim is a best solution for the travelers who needs to stay in touch with their families but for other normal people it is not a good idea.


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