Install Flappy Bird Game or other Flash Games in website

Day by day the number of bloggers count is increasing which also increases competition between bloggers. A single person maintains more than 10 blogs with good result. There are million of blogs that are getting indexed into google each day and its really very hard to bring our blog on 1st page in google search results. But always innovative things succeeds, A blog with good contents or with innovative ideas reaches the first place easier than other blogs.

Before some days a new and very simple game “Flappy Bird” attracted many people and also many bloggers posts about flappy bird game on their blog. But its a common one to post about flappy bird game. How it could be if your blog is with the facility to play flappy bird game? You can Install Flappy Bird Game or other Flash Games in website.  One of the innovative way to bring your blog in first place is installing flappy bird game /  other flash games in your website. Have your ever installed a flash player in your blog ? Here we go, Step by Step tutorial to Install Flappy Bird Game or other Flash Games in website.

install flash player games in website

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3 Simple Steps to install: 

  • Getting Flash Player Games
  • Setting Word Press
  • Making Post

Getting Flash Player Games:

Before installing Flash player Games, You need to get flash player source. If you are creating your own Flash player then you can proceed to setting word press step.

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How to get Flash Player Source from other websites:

  •  Go to the website from where you want to get Flash player source
  • Click Here for Flappy bird  Flash player Game
  • Right Click just above the Flash Player and select “Inspect Element”

Flash Game

  • Now search for the code as like below code and open the link in a new tab
Code: <embed width="100%" height="100%" name="plugin" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">
  • Download that link using Internet Download Manager
  • Now you are with Flash Player Source

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 Setting Word Press:

Word Press does not supports SWF files (Flash Player), But you can upload SWF files using a plugin named “Allow SWF upload”

  • Open Dashboard –> Plugins –> Add New
  • Search for Allow SWF upload plugin and then install the plugin and activate it

Making Post:

  • To embed Flash player game in blog post, Go to Media –> Add new –> Select files, Upload the Flash player source file
  • After uploading the file you can see a option to edit, Click on it and copy the file URL
  • Now create a new blog post to include the flash player game
  • Select “Text” in the editor then copy the blow code and paste it in the editor
<center><iframe src="" height="500" width="353"></iframe></center>
  • Replace the “src” link with your flash player link
  • Now you can find Flash Player Game in your Post

Thus you can Install Flappy Bird Game or other Flash Games in website. If you found any problems or difficulties please comment it, we will give proper solution for your problems. 

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