Now a day’s accident happens mainly due to some of the reasons like alcohol consumption, using of mobile phone during driving, bickering etc. Many of people think to reduce accidents consistently. But still they are thinking until now. But here after don’t worry friends, Google going to launch Google Robotic Cars. This Google Robotic Cars (Autonomous cars) cannot avoid accidents completely. But it reduces the accidents. Autonomous cars (Google Robotic Cars) are driver-less cars. Many of us think how it is possible only for Google?? But we need to have in your mind that impossible things are always possible for Google. “I don’t want to drive again” which acts as the main goal for the Google Robotic Cars. Lets we see detail about this Google Robotic Cars below.

Google Robotic Cars


Google is one of the companies that develop the autonomous cars (Google Robotic Cars) under the project name of Google Chauffeur. This project is lead by the Google engineer Mr. Chris Urmson and Mr. Sebastian Thrun who is the co-inventor of Google Street Views. Google Robotic Cars is trying to eliminate the unnecessary maintenance costs of the normal car. The main aim of the Google Robotic Cars is to provide SAFETY for the people travelling in it. We may also consider its aim as Google Robotic Cars make us safer than the trained driver do.


Google Robotic Cars is in the shape of dome and looks like a toy car. First attractive thing we can notice in this Google Robotic Cars is its Eyes. The headlights are look like Eyes of the car. Next there is a nose in between two eyes. This shape of the nose acts as sensors and radars. Sensors and Radars are used to detect the speed and what’s on-wards. If the speed is high, then it tells the main system to slow down the speed.

Google Robotic cars uses LIDAR (Light detection and Ranging) laser at the top of the car. This laser spins around 360 degrees continuously to sense the surrounding environment. They have in-built software which identifies the object, pedestrian cross, people etc. It keeps some secure distance between the vehicles.

How Google Robotic Cars Works?

The Google Robotic cars are called up by the mobile phone’s application. The car will pick up the passenger at their place. It gets the destination address from the customer through GPS while the passenger orders the car using app. Once the passenger get inside they hit the green button to move. Car started to drive at the speed of 25 mph  Screen is placed in front of them. Screen shows the yellow color path which shows our route. Pedestrian and Vehicles are shown in the red box in the screen. If the sensor senses any turning on the way it automatically slows down and turn sharply. Google Cars detects the unexpected crossing of person on the way and halt immediately. It senses the unpredictable crossing of animals and people before the customer or the trained driver had. Once they reached their destination it says “Your destination is reached within these minutes”.


Specification of Google Robotic Cars

  • Google Robotic Cars moves slowly at the rate of 40 km per hour.
  • It has two seats facility.
  • There will be no Steering Wheels, gears and brakes in Google Robotic Cars.
  • It offers a small screen to display the current location, environment, time, date, temperature and also some meters from current location.
  • It Creates hums (i.e. Sound) after reaching destination.
  • It offers two buttons (i.e.) Green and Red. Green used to move the Google Robotic Cars and Red used to stop it.

 Limitations of Google Robotic Cars

  • It is still in prototype stage. So, it cannot handle snow and rainfall.
  • It is unable to recognize traffic lights.
  • It did not recognize the difference between paper and rock.
  • It cannot differentiate pedestrian and policemen.

Now a day Google Engineers are working on the limitation to give the best Google Robotic Cars. And Google is planning to launch these cars on the spring of 2015. But some countries only permitted for these autonomous cars. Let’s we hope for the best…!!!


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