Google Plans to Take down on WhatsApp

We all know that Whatsapp is one the best messaging app ruling all over the world. But, unfortunately this app lost to Facebook for Multibillion dollar which is taken over bid in Bangalore. We need to remember that Google also try to buy whatsapp for Rs 60, 000 crore (i.e.) $10 billion. But Facebook took whatsapp for Rs 1.2 lakh crore (i.e.) $19 billion. After this incident happen, Google suddenly thinks and plans to launch an app to take down on whatsapp (i.e.)Google Plans to Take down on WhatsApp.  Google app foray that is Internet Godzilla is going to test in Indian market and other emerging market too. The details was not very clear about this Google App but this Google app is now in the starting stage and it is expecting forward to launch in India to test around 2015.

Google Plans to Take down on WhatsApp

From Economics Times Report, we got the information that Google sent Nikhyl Singhal (Top product Manger -who is work as product manager for Hangouts, Photos, Google plus core and platform) to India and other Asia pacific countries to recce about the eco system for messaging apps in that country. Do you know the reason behind why the Google Company Choose India for this mobile app? The reason is in 2019, India is expected as the Second largest mobile market next to china which is expected as first largest mobile market. And another reason behind is at the beginning of 2018, in that huge population it is expected to have more than 500 million strong internet users. And most important reason that Google choose India is other companies like TENCENT, WHATSAPP, LINE and VIBER etc took some of the other countries like CHINA (TENCENT), EUROPE (WHATSAPP), JAPAN (LINE) and MIDDLE EAST (VIBER).

We also received information the Google App that this Google app does not need Google log in which is free to use for all users. While compare this app to whatsapp freemium model which is charge as Rs 53 after one year use, this Google app is free to use. And we all expect that like Facebook gave Whatsapp, Google might give an app which is some autonomy. And Google also plans to make this app available in all Android OS (which is one of the best and developed operating system). This decision easily helps Google to spread this App easily to all people.

              And coming at the end, there is no option for Google rather than making its own app. The perfect success it reaches only it satisfies the Indian people. Because all the people lives in India gets dump inside the Whatsapp. If Google needs to success, then its app should be more convenient and comfortable to all users while compare with Whatsapp. Lets we will wait and see whether this Google App take down the WhatsApp or it fall down like Google plus.

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