Google maps Trick

Google always providing best to the users, There are many Google search, Google services like Gmail, Google plus, Google Drive etc., One of the best service provided by google is Google Maps. Google maps helps to find out the way easily in our mobile. More than 55 % of IOS users using Google map in their device. Google map is with many features and options. But most of its features is still unknown to many users. This article will explain about the features and tricks for Google Maps.

Google maps trick

Offline Google Maps:

The latest update of Google maps is without the facility to view the maps offline, But still it can be done in its new update by using a trick. Open Google maps and search for the place you want to view in offline. Zoom the map and then tap on search box then type “Okay Maps” and hit the search icon. Now you can view the google maps of that area in offline.

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Share Location:

To share the location in google maps you have to copy the link address and have to share the link. But in android or IOS devices you can find the options to share. You have to pin the place first before share a location. After pinning a location, Tap the location bar (in Bottom) then choose the share button. This options varies on different apps. Use google official app to get this option.

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Effective Search:

Google map is similar to the google search. By providing correct key words you can get effective result. For example if you are using roads name in search, use “&” to separate two roads. If you are searching for a library. Use Library keywords in search box. As same as for restaurants, Shops etc., You can also use latitude and longitude coordinates in search. If you want to view larger area of a place, Zoom out the result and view. Viceversa, if you want to view smaller area, Zoom in it to get accurate result.

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View all:

Would you like to see all the area you viewed before? or Do you want to see everything in a particular area? Just Enter asterisk (“*“) in the search box and zoom in, You can see everything in a particular area. You can also get the results from your search history. It will show all your previous search results and your favourite places. This trick will be very useful on finding the previous search and also favorite places.

Redraw Google Map:

If you found any mistakes in google maps, You can clear it by using Google map maker. This tool helps to redraw Google map to make minor corrections like marking a road as one way, Changing a shop location and more. All the changes will be applied after the google team verified the place. By using this tool you can help many google maps users to find a correct way.

Google map with Google plus:

You can get your Google plus contacts suggestion results by using “By:Circles” keyword in the search box. This will show all your google plus contacts suggestion result. This would be very useful to search for a result easily. This will displays the result from the Google plus contacts.

Google is always providing its best service to the users, But many users are unaware of its features. You can get anything using google. Form earnings to purchasing, Google will be very help full and also always delivers its best result to the users. Google services are linked to each other as google map with google plus and more. Use google map apps to get a correct way.

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