In older days developing mobile application is the biggest challenge for the developers. But now mobile application developers are present in the interior of every city. Open source platforms are available to encourage the developers. Still they face many challenges regarding financial, tools required to develop the application, how to promote it etc., Can you imagine what happens if Facebook supports mobile app entrepreneurs by providing free tools for development? Yes, Get ready developers, Facebook provide you a tool for developing mobile apps. Facebook supports mobile app entrepreneurs by its new FbStart website. Its main goal is to help the budding application developers and entrepreneur to get success in their mission. Mobile app Developers have a view on this article and ready to travel with Facebook.

fbstart for mobile app developers



Entrepreneurs are the one who runs the small company or organization with all the risks. And he/she is the one completely responsible for success or failure of their business. Though it looks risk many people took this challenge in their day to day life. Facebook always supports these types of entrepreneurs and developers. Facebook F8, it is the national conference held every year by Facebook. F8’s main aim is to support the entrepreneurs and developers of products and websites. For your information F8’s 8th conference is going to be held on March 25 and 26 in San Francisco. You can attend this conference from anywhere through online. Key notes, session details and live interview will be notified to you only when you are participating in F8.

Coming back, After F8’s biggest response Facebook starts new page FbStart for giving support to the developers. FbStart provides the developers and entrepreneurs a set of tools and services worth of $30,000. It boosts up the developers and helps their idea to succeed. Initially it is available for F8 developers but now it is available for everyone.


The mandatory thing is your app must be developed and lived at least 30 days. It may either be placed in Google play store or Apple store. But your app’s live at 30 days. Those developers can apply for FbStart. If any of the developers get selected, they get credits and free tools, services for their further development. As already said it is the extension of the F8, hence the partners help the developer by video conferencing, customer care, recruitment and testing etc…

Tools Provided by FbStart

          FbStart provides various tools for prototyping, development, testing, recruitment, Marketing etc.,

fb start tools

Things mobile app developers have to do

  1. Go to FBSTART
  2. Enter your details
  3. Enter your mobile application details
  4. You get notification within few weeks after registration.

Developers and entrepreneurs use this chance and made your application popular among worldwide. Luck and your effort is with you all the time. Best of Luck.


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