Facebook Auto Page Invite Extension

In day to day life the need of facebook has been increasing to its extend. “Facebook plays vital role on everyone’s life”  This statement is not only for individuals, It is also for Business purpose too. Social Marketing is one of the best way to make any products reach to the people very faster than any other thing. Social Marketing is more powerful than Ads. If a small issue is updated in any social network it will spread like forest fire. Like that any new business product is promoted in facebook page, It will reach very faster to the people all over the world. It’s better than publishing Ads about that product. For this purpose there is a feature in Facebook where anyone can create fan page for any purpose like Fan page for a product, or personal page and more. But creating fan page is not a matter, Many facebook users should subscribe with that page. Admin of a page can invite their friends to like their, But to invite friends one by one is waste of time. So It’s better to use Facebook Auto Page Invite Extension. This extension will make your work more easier. Working Facebook Auto Page Invite extension is not available in Google Chrome Store.

Facebook auto page invite extension

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What is an Extension:

An Extension is a set of codes which provides extra features to something. Facebook Auto Page Invite Extension contains some set of codes which helps to perform some tasks in a simple way.

Facebook Auto Page Invite Extension:

One of my friend asked me to search for an extension to invite all facebook friends in a single click. As usual, I Googled it and found many extensions but most of the extension doesn’t work, because facebook made many changes recently for facebook fan page which made those extensions to be unfit. So i thought about developing extension on my own using Java script. Yes, You can create your own extension if you know Javascript. Do you want to know how i did it ? Check this article:  How to make Javascript as Chrome ExtensionIt’s really very easy to develop an extension, Just follow the about article if have some knowledge on Javascript. I made this chrome extension using simple javascript.

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Download Facebook Auto Page Invite Extension

How to use Facebook Auto Page Invite Extension:

It’s not a big thing to use this extension,

  • Just Download “Facebook auto page invite extension” from the above link
  • Click on Menu button in browser –> Tools –> Extension, then drag downloaded file to extension pageChrome Extension
  • It will install automatically, then you can see facebook like icon near browser address bar
  • Open your Facebook Fan page and click on Build audience –> Invite Friends

facebook extension

  • Make sure you have selected “Search all Friends” and scroll down to the bottom to load all your facebook friends (Just press Page Down button for few seconds to reach bottom)

Facebook extension

  • Now click on Facebook auto page invite extension icon near the address bar

facebook extension

You are done. You have invited all your Facebook friends to like your Fan page. If you are with doubts or having idea to crease such extensions, Feel free to ask.

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