Apps for Eye Exercise

We all are fully living in computing world. everyone needs to work with computer for a whole day and technology has made to work with computer. Working for a long time in computer will cause many problems in our body. But there is no other way to avoid it, we have to work. By doing some exercise many body problems can be avoided. Eye is the first thing that get affected when we spend long time in computer. Every night before going to sleep our eyes will be fully dried if we spend full day with computer. But as we are living in a computing world everything can by apps or softwares. Now there are many apps for eye exercise also. This article will give some important eye exercise apps.

Eye Exercise Apps:

There are many apps for relaxing and for eye exercise. We will give some best 5 apps for eye exercise.

1)Eye Trainer – 12 Eye Exercises:

If your eyes are very tired and if you are feeling very hard to focus some object, Then you can take this app. This app will make you to relax. This app is with 12 different exercise. By doing this exercise daily for 5 to 6 minutes will make your eyes to feel fresh.

Download Link: app is also with the option of setting alarm and also Reminder.

2) Hit It:

This app is not actually for eye exercise, Its a fully a entertain game. But it will make you to feel relax and also relax your eyes. If you are not interested on doing any eye exercise, Just play this game you eye will get relax automatically.

Download Link:

3) Eye training – Eye exercises:

This app is like an eye game and it is also with different exercise. This app is with an reminder which reminds
you to do eye exercise for every 30 minutes. It also shows pictures of your vision. and it is with alarm, stopwatch, eye tester, night vision tester etc.,

Download Link:

4) Stretching and  Eye Exercise:

It is with 15 eye exercise and it will just take 3 to 4 minutes to complete it. It notifies and let us to do exercise with proper time. This app will also shows some exercise for our body also. This app is prefectly suits who works in computer for a long time.

Download Link:

5) Find It 2™ Find the Difference:

It is not an eye trainer app, If you are not interested on above exercises just play this game, It will relax your eyes. This game is really very interesting one.

Download Link:

We are spending lots of time in computer because we have to work with it. Eyes will get dried soon if we spend more time in computer. By the above apps it will protect our eyes and also makes us relax. Just Try it and save your eyes.

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