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Nowadays people have started using youtube to a greater extent, It is the point to mention here that Youtube is the second largest search engine in world and obviously Google is the first search engine. Youtube helps people worldwide by providing videos of good content related to a wide range of topics. Now youtube has introduced a new application especially for kids. This Youtube for Kids application helps to discover and explore videos on every topic. This is the first Google product built from the ground up with kids in the mind. This app makes it specially safer and easier for children to find videos on topic they explore.

youtube for kids

What is Youtube for Kids

Youtube for kids is a kid-friendly version of youtube service for mobile devices. This app ensures kid-safe content, parent control and more. Google promises that this app would be made available on both Android and IOS devices in Google play and the App store. The major need for this app was that parents desired to have a safer video service for their kids. There are so many children using tablets and parent’s smartphones to browse videos. Youtube earlier provided parental control which were so difficult to use. Most of them were not even aware of this.


 About Youtube for Kids :

Shimriti Ben-Yair , Group of product manager at Youtube confirm that this app had been under development over the past years . Ben-Yair says that there are thousands of channels on Youtube kids .

Well known children’s entertainment brand like Dream works , Jim Henson , Talking Tom and friends ,National Geographic Kids ,Reading Rainbow and so on’s content  are mixed to provide Youtube for Kid’s content .

First all the videos are filtered algorithmically to suit children’s friendliness. Secondly a team manually samples these videos for quality control. From this we come to know that there will be a slight delay in publishing the contents on Youtube for kids than on Youtube initially. Google confirms that the app provide a kids friendly interface which is brighter and bigger so that it suits well for small thumbs. This app also has dedicated sections like “Shows”, “Learning”, “Music” and so on. An additional feature provided on this is that – a tap on the video provides thumbnails below that point that navigates to other related video suggestions.


Search on Youtube for kids:

A red magnifying glass helps kids to search across various contents than that is available in the category section.

Parental control

Parents can disable the search option. In additional to this a timer option is introduced that lets parents to limit their kid’s screen time by enabling a timer to it .This idea was basically from  “Kindle Free Time” service provided by Amazon . Another additional feature is that parents can choose to turn off the background music and effect included in many of the kids’ videos to avoid head-ache induced by noise.

Thus Youtube for Kids app helps both Kids and Parents in a lot of way .

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