Windows 8 In Android Mobile

Windows Mobiles are very competitive for Android Mobiles, Specially Windows 8 OS phones attracts the people towards it. Microsoft Bind up with Nokia and released Windows Mobiles. This made the Android Mobiles  a fall in market. Many Android Mobile users want to feel the Windows 8 Features in their Mobile  Windows 8 is very Special for it touch features and also for its Start Screen. So they are moving to Windows Mobiles like Nokia Lumia.

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                   But you can Fell the features of Windows 8 in your Android Mobile itself, You don’t need to change the Phone, You just have to install Windows 8 in your Phone. Do you think it is not Possible? No, It is Possible. You can Install Windows 8 in your Android Phone.

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How to install Windows 8 in Android Mobile:

You just have to install FAKE WINDOWS 8 in your Android phone. You can get it in Google play. Search for Fake Windows 8 in Google Play and Install it in your Android Mobile. Its a freeware, You can download it easily in Google Play and it will Give a Windows 8 Interface in your Mobile. It is free of Ads, All Android Applications will support in it.
               There is also another Apps “Launcher 8″, Which Perfectly Stimulates the Windows 8 Interface in Android Mobiles. Launcher 8 is easy to Modify, We can Customize the Settings as we wish. We can Change the Color of the Title bar, One Touch Calling Etc., You can Download this apps in your computer and you can install it in your Android Device.
Like these two Apps there are many Apps to get Windows in your Android Phone. Install it and Fell the Features of Windows 8 in your Android Mobile.

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