What’s Hot in Android L

Android L, Most awaited version on Android. Android always provides its best to its users and also android users gets their needs through android apps if there are any missing features on Android OS. On every update of Android OS, Some new features are added for the users and also updates works to increase android device performance like memory and power utilization etc., If you are a long Android user you can feel the difference between the android version 2.2 and android version 4. From Graphical interface to performance, Google is working hard to give it’s best to the users. Android L is an upcoming version unveiled on 25th  June 2014. Android users are very eager to know about what does L stands fore. On people assumption, It may be Lolly pop, Laddu. But it could be stand for Android Lion. Android Lion the upcoming version of Android. Let’s check out what’s hot in Android L.

whats new in android l


Hot in Android L

On Google I/O , Google new products are unveiled which including Android L and it’s most awesome features are described.

User Interface

Android L is with noteworthy interface changes like new style notification bar, and Google named this interface as Material which is more vibrant than its previous version of android. This Interface is divided into layers which provides a simple and easy interface for the users. Android L provides real feel interface to spruce up the look of Android with shadow gradient. Google also added 3D tiles which slides one over another.  Two new widgets are added in Android L ,

  • Power-efficient Recycler-view widget
  • Card-view widget


Power-efficient Recycler-view widget is provides a smooth scrolling interface, Tapping feels

Card-View Widget which assures Google Now cool interface feature.

what’s new in Notification Bar

Android L is with new style notification bar with rounded and fluid icons with delineated signal strength indicators. Dynamic heads up notification adds more reality to the interface. Notification bar is merged with lock screen to check out all the notification in a better way. More over, Lock screen looks like notification panel to access it easily.


Android L uses big data, ie., Android L learns daily from the user and make some changes convenient for the users. Android L interact with the users to make everything more easier for the users.


Another Hottest one with Android L is, It shows notification when a user is playing game. So instead of breaking the entire game, It shows in notification.

Smart Lock Screen

As notification bar is integrated with lock screen, It understands what’s happening and it’s unlocks automatically if it is connected with any external device like bluetooth device. A user can use voice to unlock the screen.


Interacting Apps

Google programmed Android L with a new feature that helps to interact apps each other. This will helps to share APIs of each app. One App can use another app API.

New Google Keypad


Fast and Better Looking


Better Battery Life


64 bit CPU support


Improved GPU support


Smartwatch as authentication


Connect with Android devices around you


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