Ways to Run Android Apps in Google Chrome

It’s really very good news for all the Google lovers that Google made a first batch of apps (Android apps) for Google chrome recently. The reason behind why most of the people’s choose Google chrome was it has the feature of wide variety of extensions and apps available rather than any other browsers available. Before Google made a batch of apps in Google chrome, there is a little bit of gap between the users and Chrome. But the Android apps in Google Chrome will act as bridge the gap. We can run any of our favorite apps in Mac, Windows even in Linux computers which is just simple and it is more universal process while comparing of using ADB or installing a standalone emulator. Let’s we see the way to run Android apps in Google chrome.

Ways to Run Android Apps in Google Chrome

Ways to Run Android Apps in Google Chrome:

To run Android apps in Google chrome, we need some requirements. First we need 64-bit system. Then we need the latest 64-bit version of Chrome in OS like windows or Linux. For Mac users they need a latest version of Chrome Canary. To run Android apps in Google chrome follow some steps too. Let’s see the steps one by one.

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Step 1: Install – ARChon Runtime

  •  To run Android apps in Google chrome on any platform, we first need to install the ARChon. To install this, you need to start by first downloading the ZIP file from the following link:  this link.
  • Then the user needs to extract the content which is placed in ZIP file to a folder. BYdoing this, the user can access easily.
  • Then the user needs to go to Tools –> Extensions in the chrome main menu.
  • At the top of next screen, the user needs to tick the box which is next to Developer Mode. After that he/she needs to click the Load Unpacked Extensions.
  • Then from the next menu, the user needs to browse and select the folder that he/she already extracts the ZIP file earlier. The user needs to be clear to choose the second folder in that folder tree.
  • The ARChon runtime gets installed on chrome, when he/she clicks the OK button. If any error messages display, just ignore that. That was quite expected.

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Step 2: Install – Android apps (Modified) on Chrome

The user cannot directly install the Android apps on chrome. The Apps should be installed only after it gets modified in APK files. But don’t worry, there are some of the folks are maintaining the some list of apps in ChromeAPKs Subreddit that modified to use that in Chrome. You can see the list that was modified in the following link: this link.

                        Here after the following process of install the Android apps are similarly like the install of ARChon runtime. First the user needs to extract the contents in ZIP file. Then follow the above steps which are explained for the installation of ARChon runtime. 

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Step 3: Launch Android Apps (modified) from within Google Chrome

                        We have two methods to launch the Android apps (modified) from within Google chrome.

Method 1: This method is quite simple. The user can launch the Android app by just click the Launch to run the app from Extension menu.

Method 2: If the user makes the Bookmarks Bar visible in Google chrome, then he/she may click the Apps button which is placed at left to access the Android app which is installed. This Android app also has the separate logo to differentiate them from the other chrome apps.


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