Two simple ways to use Whatsapp in PC

Whatsapp can be said as the best Chit Chat service for every one. The raise of whatsapp made facebook to buy for 16 billion, Its such a big amount and it shows how whatsapp plays in filed. Facebook is updating many changes in whatsapp to sync facebook contacts with whatsapp. Its such a great gift for every whatsapp users. This is the most expected feature by all the users. More over facebook is updating whatsapp with other features like, Hiding online status, Privacy settings and more. It  would be very good to use whatsapp in mobile, But how about while working in computer ? Always people prefers to use whatsapp in computer while they are working with computer. Here are two simple ways to use whatsapp in PC.

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Simple ways to use Whatsapp in PC:

First Method:

One of the easiest way to use whatsapp in PC is by using Team Viewer. Everyone uses bluestacks to use whatsapp in PC. But Bluestacks needs a good configured computer for a better performance. Team Viewer brings your entire Mobile in  PC and you can access everything from computer and also perform any tasks as like in mobile. If you are with Android or iPhone you can use Team viewer to use whatsapp in pc. There is no team viewer app for windows phones.

Click to know how to use Whatsapp in pc using Team Viewer 

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Second Method:

This is most common method used by most of the people. Yeah, you are right, Its through Bluestacks. Most of the bluestacks cannot be installed if the system is without graphics card. Don’t worry if your system is without graphics card, Here is an alternate bluestacks which works fine even without Graphics Card. It would be good only to use whatsapp in PC. If you need to play android games in PC, You should install original Bluestacks.

Click here to download Bluestacks (No Graphics card required) 

  • Download and Install Bluestacks in your PC
  • Click on Search app and search for Whatsapp
  • Now configure whatsapp with your mobile number

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Now you can use whatsapp in your PC. If you are using a low configured computer then it is better to use Team Viewer but using team viewer would consume more Data. Select a best method which suits you and start using whatsapp in PC. If there is any problem on proceeding the above methods, Give it in comments. We will give proper solution for your problem.

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