Track Lost Android Device by Android Device Manager

The android platform is seeing a very big development and day by day the number of android users is increasing in many numbers. There are millions of app for android device and google signup with android and they are working together. Recently google launched a new feature for android device which enable the user to track a android device when it is stolen or misplaced. This feature attracts the android users more and they can be with a hope if their android device was lost. Google uses google maps to show where the android device is actually placed. This service is similar to Samsung’s find my mobile and Lookout services.
Here is a detail explanation shows how to Track Lost Android Device by Android Device Manager.

Track Lost Android Device by Android Device Manager

Track Lost Android Device by Android Device Manager

How to find stolen Android Device:

Its very simple to active android device manager for your android device. Just follow the steps given below
To activate this feature you have to change some settings in your android device and this feature is only for android devices with android versions above 2.2.

  • In your android device go to Setting -> Security -> Device administrator setting -> Android device manager ->Enable android device manager

If your device is with Google settings app then go to Google settings app-> Android device manager
This setting enables the tracking feature. Allow remote factory setup to enable remove data wipe in your device.

  • Go to
  • Login with your Gmail account and select your android device if it is not selected.

It will as permission to track your android device, Accept it.
You are done now you can see your android device on google map.

Shows details like:

  • Name of the device
  • Name of the place
  • When it was last located and used
  • With the help of this feature you can track your Android device if it was lost.

Ring Option:

If your android device is hidden somewhere, You can ring up the mobile with vibration continuously for 5 minutes. This can be done by Ring option in android device manger with the help of your computer itself. You don’t need some other’s mobile to ring your mobile.

Erase Device:

If you are not able to found your android device then you can delete all the datas in the device by Android device manager using Erase device option. This will delete all the datas in your mobile. It cannot delete the datum in SD card. Once the Erase option is used it will format your android device which results in you cannot track the device.
Android device manager is a perfect example for our remote accessing technology. Google is always giving its best to the users and increasing Google fan day by day. This is one of the awesome feature by Google by android device users. Make use of this feature properly and Find your android device if it was stolen or misplaced.

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