Top 8 Best Android Games December 2013

Android, A fast and most famous mobile open source operating system which attracts the people towards it. Every people would like to own a smart phone specially android. The reason for this development of android is its open source and also tons of apps with it. We can find lots of apps for particular purpose. Android is named for its apps, There are lots of apps in google play store which are created to comfort the users. Another vital role of android is Games, No one should hate games to play. There are many android games which made users a little confusion which one to play.  There are many types of android games like Race games, Mission Games and more. Are you confused which game to play? Here are some Top 8 Best Android Games December 2013 with all categories. Find a game with a category you like and start playing it. 8 best android games is more enough for a gamer to entertain his / her day. Lets check out Top 8 Best Android Games December 2013.

Top 8 best android games


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Top 8 Best Android Games:

Category 1- Racing Games:

Racing Games gives a good pleasure and also makes a gamer to act fast. That is, It trains a gamer brain to act and think faster and also to make decision correctly. Here are some Racing Games and these games were selected as per the players recommendations.

#1 Raging Thunder 2:

Download Raging Thunder 2

Raging Thunder 2 is a racing game which takes the first place in our Top 8 Best Android Games December 2013, The reason for the first place is, It is recommended by many players and also players reviews also good. Raging Thunder 2 is with Good graphics interface and it gives perfect graphics action for android. This game gives a race through curved mountains, beaches, temples and more road ways. The game can be start with many categories like Time attack, career mode, survivals and instant race. As other racing games it has boost up, powers, collecting coins and more. You can buy upgraded cars with those coins. It surely make a player to come back and stay with it.  

Download Raging Thunder 2

#2 BMX Boy:
Download BMX Boy

Hope everyone is aware of BMX boy, Yeah you are correct they are those who shows stunt on cycling, So you wanna be a BMX boy ?? Here play this game to train yourself before steeping in real world. Its a racing game with fun. So if you don’t want to play a serious game you can have this game. There will be many obstacles on road, You have to come over those obstacles , Jump with cycle and land safely. Its a very simple game and make a player to mover this game easily. Get this game from the below link. 

Download BMK Boy

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#3 Redline Rush:

Download Redline Rush

It is also a fun game but instead of racing it is about to escape from police. You have to drive the car in traffic and escape form police. Bored with normal racing games ? You can give a try to this game. This game actually increase your driving skill to escape from crashes in traffic and escape from police. As other games Redline rush also provides points for you drive.

Download Redline Rush 

#4 Speed Racing:

Download Speed Racing

It is an Italy game with a little difference than other racing games. The cars in this games are without breaks and you can accelerate the car or release it but you can’t stop the card and run the car till the end. You have to upgrade to seven cars to finish this game. To upgrade to a car you have to earn coins on a race and it takes a little time to earn enough coins to upgrade to other car.

Download Speed Racing

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#5 Angry Gran Run:

Download Angry Gran Run

Bored with on normal racking games with car, bike, cycle ? Here is a new race game which sounds like Temple run, Subway surf. Angry Gran also similar to those games. Don’t worry for Granny, You are not gonna be granny in this game you just gonna guide her to find a way in Asylum. You will be a cool hero in this game and help her to find a way to come out with many obstacles, earn points and more. Just give a try to this game.

Download Angry Gran Run

Mission Games:

Don’t like Racing games or bored with those racing games, Here you can give a try to mission games, Think well and complete a mission successfully. Here are some Mission games which entertains you more than racing games.

#1 Doors & Rooms:

Download Doors & Rooms

This game is with 5 challenges with many tricks. You need to think more to finish this game. There will be some clues in each room and you have to find it and solve it to unlock the room and go to next room and it continuous till you come out of a room. This game trains your brain and increase your thinking capacity.

Download Doors & Rooms 

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#2 Dragon Slayer:

Download Dragon Slayer

Here is the game you are searching for, It is a complete action game for dragon slaying. There is nothing to say about this game as the name of this game explain actually what you want to do in this game.

Download Dragon Slayer

#3 Dead Trigger:

Download Dead Trigger


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Dead Trigger, This game is also a action game with good graphics interface. Most of the teens would like to play Dead Trigger due to its good graphics interface and also it is a violent games mostly attracts the teens. Hope you surely try this game than other game. Get this game from the blow link.

Download Dead Trigger 

Hope you got a best game for you, Give your reviews about those games and also comment you suggestion of if you have any other good games than in this list. Please fire complaint if you found any broken or not working links.

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