The traditional text message gets out of dated for the user to use because of SMS charging for sharing messages to their friends,lover,neighbours etc.To avoid the SMS charges and to send billions of messages freely through internet,millions of mobile apps are developed in this socal network.The main purpose of developing the messaging apps is to send multi messages from one user to another user using Internet. This type of apps also use to get the reply back from the receiver.(i.e)the sender can get the reply back to him as soon as the receiver receives the message.By using messaging apps,we can also attach files,documents,voice,videos etc., In some best mobile messaging apps,there is an facility of free mobile calling also. There are some of the apps are also developed by using wifi(without using Internet)with same facility like attach files,videos,voice etc…

best messaging apps
Because of lots of apps are developed for messaging like Whatsapp, Line, Viber, facebook messenger it is hard to the mobile user to decide which apps is to use.Let me help you to decide some of the best messaging apps from this crowded apps.The following apps almost contains the offerings of free SMS in mobile,free voice calling by using either internet or wifi connection.



Line mobile messaging owned by South Korea’s Naver crop is one of the messaging apps which contains the special features of mobile messaging,free voice calling,sharing photos with their friends.This apps is available in desktop apps,Android,ios,WP8 and other platforms.Line apps also offers the games where the users can play with their line friends.This apps is also offers the stickers and idiosynchratic cartoon characters that uses as users emotions and it was developed to have more fun with their friends.We can use this apps whenever and wherever we needs to communicate.There will be Direct pop out message box for reading the received message and to reply .There is also an feature of real time confirmation for sending and receiving the messages.The limitation for this apps is,it is capable of using in single device only.(i.e)we cannot use the Same Line account in different devices.


Whatsapp is one of the famous cross-platform mobile apps which uses all over the world.This apps allows users to share messages without need to pay for SMS.This apps does not work on all mobile device.This apps is mostly available for Android,iphone,Windows phone,Nokia,Blackberry.In this apps,we can send messages,videos,stickers,images,voices etc either privately or in group chat.The main advantage of Whatsapp is that when we create whatsapp for our mobile device,this apps automatically creates the whatspp contacts from our contact details(i.e)In our contact,those who having Whatsapp messager automatically adds to our whatsapp contacts.Whatsapp allows user to send a text chat with upto 10 peoples at one time.


Viber is an another popular messaging apps that transportation on data plan or wifi.By using this apps,the user can send SMS messages and voice calls messages freely(i.e)there is no need to pay for SMS message and voice calling messages.This apps is friendly to use for the users.This apps is especially applicable for Android,ios,wp8.In this apps,there is no need for setting a password or special set up process to login.This apps consider the mobile number as login and this apps helps the user to find to viber contacts by syncs with our mobile.By using this apps,we can send text messages,photos,videos,voices,stickers and emotions for free to other viber users.


Voxer is an another messaging apps which is commonly known as “Push-to-talk” or “Walkie talkie” because this apps contain the Walkie talkie functionality.When the user click the talk button persent in this apps,the user can send a voice message or multi messages.This apps is available in Android,ios,Windows Phone 8 and also in computer.This apps have the special facility of saving all the messages(i.e)it never miss any message.By using this apps,we can also send recorded audio,Live audio messages,text,photos etc…This apps also has the feature of VOIP voice calling and group messages.This apps is more convenient for Voice communication.


Textone is yet another messaging apps which has the feature of free SMS texting,Picture messaging,calling and voice messaging.This apps especially works on both Android and iphone or ios devices.This apps is also works in computer.The main concept for this apps development is UNLIMITED SMS MESSAGING and CALLING.This apps assigns an individual phone number for every user.From this phone number,the user receives the phone calls and text messages.By using this apps,we can send the Full picture messaging and we can also save that picture.The advantage of using this apps is the user can get the quick reply from friends.

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