Top 5 Android Action Games

Mostly, we always like to live little more action in our life. But unfortunately, we don’t always involve in any action happens in our surroundings except the action affects and depends on us. This happens only because we have our own responsibility towards our family and we also have our jobs to do. To come out from those frustrations, Action games are always one of the best options to the people. Thankfully Android provides lots of action games to swipe and tap the Android screen the whole day. Lets we see the list about Top 5 Android action games below.

Top 5 Android action gamesTop 5 Android Action Games

  1. Contract Killer: Sniper

In this Contract Killer: Sniper android action game, the player has the vital role to play of a master assassin where the player needs to infiltrate secure location and he/she(player) need to execute their targets. The unwritten rule in this game is that due to the player is a professional assassin, he/she needs to honor their contracts. In this game, the player has more than 250 unique missions and campaigns to undertake. To get the Contract Killer: Sniper in Play store, use the following link: download link.

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  1. Big Hero 8 bit

Big Hero 8 bit is one of the great little action games which follows by the most of the game players because of the format of side-scrolling beat-em-ups that you already remember from the year 90’s. This game recently released as movie Big hero 6 and then it gets modeled which allows the user to play out levels of the movie with the character of Big hero robot. To get the Big Hero 8 bit in play store, use the following link: download link.

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  1. Call of Duty: Strike Team

This is one of the famous Android games especially developed for the mobile devices from the ground up. The user can expect all sorts of call of Duty like the strike packages and perks. The user can also control the strike team with the use of 3 solders offered in this Android game.  The player can view the soldiers view by switching in both back and forth of the first and three users, where the game lovers does not did it before.  There are lots of options in this game like Campaign mode, Survival mode (where the players can test their skills). To get this Call of Duty: Strike team in play store, use the following link: download link.

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4. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

This is the fifth installment with newest title in this series of Gameloft’s which is widely popular FPS. This game does not need any more introductions. This game has the new feature of console visual quality with high-octane FPS action. In this new series, for the first time this Modern combat offers the player that what type of class that he wants to play in this game. But the drawback is the player can’t choose the type of class immediately. He can choose only when he unlocks with the game progression. To get this Modern Combat 5: Blackout in play store ($6.99), use the following link: download link.

5. Deus Ex: The Fall

This game has included the full experience of Deus Ex here where the player can expect the Deus Ex style game and attributes like hacking locks and terminals in this game. This game is specially designed for the mobile devices. To get this Deus Ex: The Fall in play store ($6.99), use the following link: download link.

Enjoy the Android Action games…!!!!!!

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