Tips to make Android as DSLR Camera

A new trend among on all smart phone users is taking Snaps on whatever they do and where ever they go. Value of photos are well known to everyone, Because whenever we miss someone, we can check their photos to bring back their presence and also we can get back our happiness. In this techi world, every one start using DSLR cam or Digi cam to capture their happiest moment but happiest moments won’t inform you that it’s gonna come now so be ready with camera. It’s truly impossible to take camera everywhere we go, But it is possible to take our smartphone. So it would be easy to take snaps on whatever we like but taking snaps in a smartphone doesn’t gives you good clarity as a DSLR Camera, But still there are many ways to make Android as DSLR camera. Why are you thinking always thinking of DSLR camera, For a change, lets make android as DSLR camera. Do you think is this possible ?? Yes it is. There are tons of apps for android and to make android as DSLR camera we are going to use some apps. This not includes only camera apps but also some photo editing tool. Of course we need some photo editing tools to bring DSLR camera effect. Let’s see how to make android as DSLR camera.

android as dslr camera

How to make Android as DSLR Camera:

A small problem with android is, Whatever you search in playstore, Minimum it will show 50 apps for your search. Yes, android app developers are all around the world and they are developing apps in a better way to give best users to the users. Don’t get confused, you can find 3 camera apps and 1 photo editing tool in this article which helps you to get actual DSLR camera effect. Just go through the apps and select a best one which suits your device.

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When i searched for best DSLR camera app for android, I found most of them are not free one. If you are not ready to put your money for apps, You can download free apps too. Yes i have added free apps in this article. For your information you can download any paid apps for free. If you know that trick, Just use it.

DSLR Camera Pro:

It’s one of the best app to make android as DSLR camera. This camera provides lots of features like

It is specially for professional Photographers. If you want your photo to be professional then you can use this app. But this app is not a free one. It costs Rs. 175.16 ($ 2.91 ) .

Get DSLR Camera Pro

DSLR cam for android

Camera360 Ultimate:

It’s a free app with cloud option. You can take photos and upload it in cloud in a easy way. If you think you need this option then you can use this app. More over this app is with more good reviews. There is nothing much to say about this app, Just use it and feel it.

dslr camera for android

Get Camera360 Ultimate


It’s not an high range app and also it’s free with limited number of features. There is another app called afterFocus pro which costs Rs 102.21 ($ 1.7) which provides many features than it’s free version. If you are ready to put money for app, Then use this app free version and buy pro version if you like it.

afterfoucs for android

Get AfterFocus

Taking photos doesn’t only makes good photo, Editing the photo takes very important part on making it more attractive. Here are some photo editing tools for android which provides lots of options to edit photos.

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Pixlr Express – photo editing:

I hope you all know about Pixlr express, One of the best online photo editing tool. It’s like PhotoShop photo editing tool   which provides lots of features, Just use it and make your photos more attractive.

Get Pixlr Express

get pixlr for android

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