Ways to speed up Samsung Mobile

Those people who all are using Android mobiles especially samsung mobile really knows how it will stuck on needed time, Of course am one of them which made me to write this article. Generally all the electronic devices hangs in a place when its memory gets full. Your Personal Computer would also get stuck in a time when C drive is mostly full. There are several applications and ways to speed up samsung mobile or android mobiles. But using those applications to speed up samsung mobile or any other android mobiles makes you to feel like mobile is working faster and it takes some more memory. The only way to speed up samsung mobile or other android mobile is to make things manually what those applications or doing.

speed up samsung mobile

This question might have raised to many smartphone users, And the answer is not on iOS. Android is more cool when it is compared with iOS. We can have root access normally with Android smartphones. But the secret of iPhone is not on iOS, It’s depends on its Applications. iOS developers knows the pain of uploading an application on AppStore. It is very easy to upload any apps in playstore but for Appstore, While uploading an application it will check 1000 + times for an app. If it found any flaws or if there is any hanging on application, Appstore won’t accept the app. Whereas in playstore. Any kinds of application can be uploaded easily.


Ways to Speed up Samsung Mobile

The reason why I specially mentioned samsung mobile is, It is the only company which provides middle range specification mobile at some high cost whereas other mobile companies like Motorola , Micromax provides higher end phones at lower price so those smartphone users won’t feel like their smartphones are slow. But still they face many problems unlike samsung smartphone users.

Speed up Samsung Mobile Manually

Best way to speed up samsung mobile is to do everything manually rather than installing some applications. If you have a rooted samsung mobile that would be more easy suppose if you are not, You can make it but repeating the process every week or twice a month. That would be more enough to speed up samsung mobile or any other android mobiles.

Dealing with Application Manager:

The first thing to do to speed up samsung mobile is to clearing application memories. Just Navigate to Application Manager (Settings –> More –> Application Manager) you can find all the applications installed in mobile and also you can check Device Memory. Clear all the application cache and memory till device memory goes above 500MB, Better 700MB. Which is safer side to speed up samsung mobile. Remember, Clearing cache and memory will delete all the files, images, saved things. So don’t clear for all applications like whatsapp, Notes and some other applications which you use oftenly. If you are using Facebook , Gdrive or such big applications do clear its memory oftenly which actually takes more spaces.

Clearing RAM

There are many applications which clears RAM memory on a TAP. Instead of using those applications, Just Press and HOld Home button where you will be given access to clear RAM memory easily. Samsung mobile mostly works slow on dealing with pictures. So before opening gallery, Try to clear RAM memory which gives you fast access to images.

Dealing with Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the most important applications, If you are not using whatsapp surely you might be using any other chatting applications which actually takes more data because of using those applications oftenly. We people need all those data but still need to clear memory. There is a way, If you are using rooted samsung mobile, It is easy to move all the app data to SD Card storage (Don’t make SD card storage to be more full which also reduce the speed of mobile).


To deal with Whatsapp, Go to Myfiles –> Whatsapp –> Media –> Delete unwanted photos. Still if you are lazy, Just move the folder to SD card. Suppose if you are more lazy to do that, Just install Google Photos app which automatically syncs all images on cloud then delete all the files in the folder. All the images will be very safe on cloud which can be accessed anytime.

Does installing launchers speed up samsung mobile?

Installing launchers actually gives us feel like mobile is working little faster but after some days it will make mobile to work slow and also consume more battery power.


Rooting is best way

One of the best way to speed up samsung mobile is to ROOT the mobile. Check out how to root android mobiles. Which actually makes android mobiles to be very faster because all the applications will be on SD card and device memory consumption will be very low.

Factory Reset

Still if you are feeling like mobile phone is very slow, Best way is to do Factory Reset which clears all the data in device memory including contacts and messages, So don’t forget to take backup before doing factory reset. And it will be like a new phone when you bought it. To do Factory Reset, Go to Settings –> Accounts –> Backup and reset and tap on Factory data reset. Use this method only if you found other methods are not working. I know no one would like to delete all their mobile phone data.

Still having trouble with slow samsung mobile ?? Throw it away and go for new mobile. Comment your experience or if there is any other method to speed up samsung mobile if I have missed anything.


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