Siri for Android a best Personal Assistance

I hope you all well know about iPhone Siri, A best personal assistance for all individual. This is the most expected app by the users. It works on our voice command and helps to find everything in an easy way. Siri helps to set Alarm, Makes call, Send text messages, Plays Music, Maintenance your schedules and more. An interesting thing is, There all are can be done by voice commands. One can have better interaction with Siri. So it can be said as best personal a assistance for all. But Siri is only for iPhone. So if you are a android user don’t worry, This article gives you best alternative for Siri for Android a best Personal Assistance.

siri for android

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Siri for Android:

Here we go for 5 best apps which replaces Siri for Android. There are many apps but most of the apps fails or without many features as like in siri. Here are some best apps, Try all the 5 apps and select the best one which you like.


If you are windows 8 lover, You will surely like this app. Its with Windows 8 user interface. Its with all the features like Siri but it doesn’t replaces Siri. It helps to find easy way, checks weather, Search internet, Play Music, Works with Social networks like facebook and its with more features. A small drawback with this app is, It doesn’t gets our words easily. Sometimes we have to say two times. Maluuba works fine and it would be more useful for all travelers.

Download Maluuba


It can be said as “Siri Challenger” but this app helps more and it would be more useful while on driving. It finds easy way without traffic, Checks shortcuts and more. It retrieves Parking info, texting, calling and more. Its recognize voice perfectly and also result it accurate and also delivers the result faster than other apps.

Download Robin


Its with all the features as in Siri like texting, calling, Social media interaction, Scheduling and more. But it works a little bit slower than all other apps in this article. Its good on speech recognition. People always prefers speed. If you don’t consider speed you can try this app.

Download Iris 

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Vlingo is differ from all other apps and its with more features than the apps in this article. Its a new and helps to find many  thing new in a better way. Speech recognition is little bad in Vlingo and it will give updated in its further versions.

Download Vlingo 


Its works very fine and perform all the tasks properly but it doesn’t gets our voice easily. I have to repeat a word two or more times to make it understand. Its the only drawback with this app. It delivers results accurately. If you are with a clear Mic, you can use this app.

Download Skyvi 

Use all the apps and select a best one which suits your. I am using Robin app as it satisfies all my needs. Whats yours ??

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