Shake your mobile to save your life

Shake your mobile to save your life: We are living in a competitive world. All are running to get their needs and to settle down in their life. But nowadays it is very hard to found a job even for a graduate. The unemployment causes many problem and it creates thieves. When half of the people enjoying their life with lots of money and another half of the people who are unemployed are deserves to enjoy their life. But due to lack of money they will try to rob it, and sometimes murder happens. And also in this fast moving world, girls are also started to work till late night in their office and in BPO’s. This leads to some rape incidents. Or else if you met an accident and no one there is help you? What would you do if you do if you are happened to face some incidents like this? Will you fight against them? or Give them money and ran away? Or call the police? If you are a girl what would you do if someone tries to rape you? Or you will drive yourself to save your life? Now there is app for this problem also. If you are having an smartphone then you can easily escape from these problem. Here is an app Shake your mobile to save your life.

App to Save your Life:

HelPls is an android app which is pronounced as “Help Please” which may save you from critical situations.
Everyone owns smartphones and they are using many number of apps in it. This app could help you in some critical situation and may save your life.

How it works:

To launch this app just press the power button thrice or just shake your smartphone
Now a screen will be displayed as shown below:

Social Network:

When you are in trouble just by pressing a single button will update help status in facebook. By using Direct map on facebook, it will also notify your location in the status which may be very useful if someone tries to help you.

Social Circle:

You can send a help notification to the people who are using this app. By pressing the button it will send a notification to those who are using this app within 5 KM radius. May be a group of people may receive this notification and may come to help you. This app will send notification with your                    name and place and mobile number. Users within 5 KM may contact you to help.

Download Link:

Voice Recording:

It is with the facility of audio recording for 60 sec, which may be useful to recognize some important voice during trouble.

One touch SMS:

By just pressing the message button in the app, it will send message to 4 members of your friends or family. It will display the name of your place in the message. This will make you to get help from any one of them.
This app is also with the feature of contacting the police or any emergency number as you set and send a text message with the location.

Everyone owns a smartphone and installing many apps in it and using it daily. This app is not a daily usable. May be once in your life time this app may help you. Just spend 5 min to install it and save your valuable life.

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