Send Message from Computer without using Phone

Now a days its very easy to share a message, There are many options to share messages like Facebook, Whatsapp, Gtalk and More. Most of people uses SMS (Short Message Service) for emergency contact. SMS is the first easy communication way, But now Facebook, Whatsapp has overcome the SMS service. But still SMS lives because it does not need any internet access to send messages. While working in computer, If you are waiting for a important message from your friend or from your girl or boy friend, surely you will check your mobile twice in a minute. Everyone thinks it would be better if we can send message from computer. This can be done by using PC suits. But to access PC suit you have to connect the device with computer through data cable or Bluetooth. But if you are a android device user you don’t need any data cable or bluetooth. Simply you can connect the device with computer using an app and you can send message from computer without using phone. More than sending message, you can receive messages, Shows notification in computer and also store Message in computer. 

send message in computer





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How to send message from computer:

Android is blessed with tons of apps which fulfils the needs of a user. Mighty-text is a wonderful app which helps to send messages from computer without using phone. Like other android apps, you can get this app from Google play and this is a free app. This article explains the features of Might-text and also how to install and work with this app. You can use this app to send or receive messages in your tablet also. But there is no way to connect Tablet and computer.

Download Mighty-Text

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  • Send, Receive Messages
  • Instant Notification
  • Group Message
  • SMS from Gmail
  • Backup SMS, MMS
  • Message Sync
  • Shows call and battery notifications
  • Sync Photos and Vidoes from phone

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How to Install:

  1. Download and Install Mighty-Text in your Android Phone
  2. (If you want to send message in tablet, Download Mightytext  for Tablet) 
  3. You will Get a Email which gives Mighty text extensions for different browser, Install the extension for your browser
  4. Then go to the link in computer to send message from computer

Installation process is done, Now you can send, receive, sync message in computer itself. This app helps to save phone battery and also easy access to messages when you are busy with computer. Give you valuable comments about this app and share your good or bad experience while working with this app. If you found any problem on installing this app, Comment it. We will give proper solution to rectify your probelem.


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