Run Whatsapp in Browser

Whatsapp is one of the most coolest instant messenger which beats all the messaging services and also it made the communication more easier. A person can share messages from one end of the world to other, It’s really a simple app with lots of features. All the smartphone users uses whatsapp to share messages, photos, and videos. Recently facebook acquires whatsapp for $19 Billion. This shows how whatsapp has ruled the world. Whatsapp is really a great gift for all smartphone users and most of the smartphone users spends most of their time in whatsapp to chat with their friends. Sometimes people may get important work in computer and also important chat conversation in whatsapp. That’s the most irritating moment to work in computer and also to chat in whatsapp. To make it easy you can run whatsapp in browser.

Run Whatsapp in Browser

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This article is not about using bluestacks. Most of people thinks about bluestacks when we come on installing whatsapp in PC. But for bluestacks you need a good configured computer and also there is graphics card problem. Other apps may get very slow while working with bluestacks and also your smartphone whatsapp account will be deactivated when you run whatsapp in bluestacks. There are many problems on using whatsapp. This article is about remote whatsapp, ie., controlling whatsapp form computer. You can chat form browser and there is no need of installing high configured softwares, You just have to install an app in your smartphone and start using whatsapp from a website. Sorry iPhone and Windows Phone users you can’t enjoy this service. It’s only available for Android.

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Whatsapp in Browser:

To run whatsapp in browser we are going to use an app for smartphone and an website. This app actually sends the whatsapp messages to the browser and your replies are again send to whatsapp in phone using website. This type of message sharing is secured and there is not need to worry about privacy. This app supports on rooted phone only. If you don’t know what is rooting then your phone is not rooted, Click here to know about rooting android. Here we go how to run whatsapp in browser.

WhatsRemote app helps to run whatsapp in browser. This app is available on Google play store and you need to singup with Google account to use this service.

Download Whatsremote

Download whatsremote from the above link and install it in your rooted android device. You can use more than one computer to access whatsapp simultaneously. Create account with your Google account then go to the blow link.

Website URL:

Now you can run whatsapp in browser without using any software. But this is not a free service, You can try free trail version for 3 days then you have to pay Rs. 87 or $1.50 for 6 Month. It’s really a cool service and also best way to using whatsapp from PC but it costs, If you like to access whatsapp in PC for free check below article. 

Access Any Android Devices or iPhone from PC

You can learn how to control your entire android device with this article and another good news is, this article is also for iPhone users. Yes, iPhone users can also control their device form PC and so you can easily use whatsapp form PC. This is one of the easiest way to access all android apps from PC but it takes more data usage but it does not needs and high configured computer and also graphics card.

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Hope this article has helped you to find a way to run whatsapp in browser and also in PC, If you felt any difficulties or finds any problem please comment it. We will give proper solution for your problems. Share this article and makes your friends too get benefit.

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