[How to] Run IOS on Android device

Experience IOS on android device. Is this possible? Android can do anything because of its open source. Recently Apple Inc., launched its latest iteration IOS 7 and also Iphone 5s and Iphone 5c with many innovative things like fingerprint scanner and first 64 bit processor mobile. This create a fever between the people to use Apple new stuffs. If you are going to buy a new Iphone, check  how to identify Fake iphones. Because the productivity of Fake Iphones has been increasing day by day and you may get cheated by getting fake iphone. IOS is a complete different OS from android. So before buying a new Iphone, it is better to work with IOS user interface on your android device. If you don’t like its interface you can get any other OS mobiles than IOS. This article will explain you how to run IOS on android device.

Ios on android

Run IOS on Android device:

Everything can be done in android using apps. You can get IOS User Interface on android by installing an app which is known as iLauncher. Google play is the best place to get android apps. You can get ILuancher on Google play. You can also get iLauncher freely from the second link. Download and run IOS on Android.

Download ILauncher: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.suckga.iLauncher2

Free Download: http://gallery.mobile9.com/f/2376142/

  • Download ILaucher from the above link, But his app is a paid one. It costs Rs 126.11 ($ 2.05)
  • Install the app on your android device
  • Tap on Home button, You will get two launchers. Select ILauncher tap on always if you want to make it as default one
  • Its all done, Now you can experience IOS user interface on your Android device.

Features of ILaucher:

  • Good IOS user Interface
  • Gives exact Iphone look
  • Supports on Tablets also
  • Easy uninstall
  • Supports IOS apps
  • Better scrolling
  • Live wallpapers
  • Supports on android versions 2.2 and above

There are many other features which makes you to feel IOS User Interface on your Android device. Just download and use the app before buying your new Iphone and feel the change. Suppose if you have fake iphone, you can use this app to make your friends believe that you are having authentic one.

If there is any trouble on installing the app just comment it below. And also comment your experience of IOS user interface on your android device.

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