Reasons to Buy Moto E or Not

Are you in a plan of buying Moto E and still in a doubt to buy or not? here are some Reasons to buy Moto E or not. Motorola released their Moto G on India which is available only in Flipkart. As Moto G was the only entry level Smartphone which hit the market and its successor Moto E has sold 80,000-1,00,000 within a mid day says report. Let’s see about the specs, pro’s and con’s of Moto E and decide yourself to buy moto E or not.

mote e

Reasons to Buy Moto E or Not:


Moto E dual Sim android mobile is powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 200 with the frequency of 1.2 gigahertz (Dual-core), 1 GB ram which can run games fluently without lags and it can handle 4-5 apps at a time without a lag, about screen it offers a 4.3 inch screen with corning gorilla glass 3, and main thing is full day battery backup. That’s all you want to know about Moto E, impressed  by specs? Then grab a piece before it goes out of stock. If you still with doubt then go through its Pro’s and Con’s then decide.


  • Price: The price is a great factor which attracts the people. Moto E has a great specs with low price so that’s what Moto E is all about.
  • Ram: 1 GB of ram which is very useful for playing games and for multitasks fluently without lags
  • Gorrila Glass 3:The secret of Moto E’s scratch resistant glass is gorilla glass which the glass is tough and yet it’s beautiful to see or use
  • Battery: Motorola has said that the battery will stand for a day with internet ,gaming ,music and apps.  Any phone of this budget cannot stand even for 1day or more than one day.
  • Display and touch: As I said before that it has 4.3 inch display,540x960p(256 ppi pixel density).And  touch is smooth without lags that made users to buy this phone


  • Camera: Although Moto E has the same camera resolution of Moto G.As Everyone knows Mp doesn’t matter for photo Clearity .The camera does the average job but not nice as Moto G.
  • Flash: If you have a greater use of led flash then you May skip this phone
  • Front camera: The Moto E doesn’t comes with front facing camera like Moto G.the front unavailability of the camera disappointed of the users.
  • Gaming:I said before that it runs games smoothly but  I didn’t specify it as high end games. High end games in this price runs with a great lags. but Moto E runs fluently games like subways surfers, temple run unlike and Smartphone in this price range.

Moto E is great for people who are searching for the great budget smartphone. It has many features and great specs for this price and No other branded companies has this much rich specs in this price range. If you are okay with its con’s they you could buy Moto E.



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