Personal Assistant for Computer like Siri and Cortana

The evolution of computer has made everyone to depend on computer for every single stuff like making schedules, saving important dates and more. Latest smartphones actually act as a personal  assistant for all. Every users depends on their smartphone for all stuffs. Smart phone manufactures like Apple, Microsoft has clearly understands the people needs and they released Siri and Cortana. A virtual personal assistant for the users which performs the tasks on voice commands. A smartphone user can communicate with it to manage their schedules, and also it made an user to use smartphones in a better way. It would be very good to have such personal assistance but there are lots of things to do in computer than in a smartphone. So people are in need of a virtual personal assistant for computer like siri and cortana. You are reading this article because you are in need of such assistant. Here we go, You can have your own virtual personal assistant for computer like siri and cortana.

Personal Assistant for Computer

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What is a Virtual Personal Assistant:

A Virtual personal assistant is an artificial intelligence system which performs the tasks on voice command. One can interact with Personal Assistant for computer and they can manage their schedules, check emails, browse and more things. These stuffs can be done using voice command. It would be good to speak with the computer than typing.

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Personal Assistant for Computer:

There are no official personal assistant for computer like siri and cortana but a technology human machine interface company, ‘SPEAKTOIT’ has introduced a virtual personal assistant for computer. This personal assistant is also available for iPhone, Android, Windows phone and more over its available for Google chrome. But it does not available for MAC and Linux. Its a bad news for all MAC and Linux users. But we hope Apple will soon introduce a Virtual assistance for MAC.  How every both MAC and Linux users can give a try on this virtual personal assistant using Google chrome. It is available as an extension in Google Chrome. All windows users can download and install this virtual assistance and can use it at instance.

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  • It understands your taste and act like it
  • Mange your Schedules
  • Access Apps
  • Plays Music
  • Check Emails, Update Facebook and Twitter status
  • It can interact
  • Its learns from you
  • Its ask you questions
  • Calculate
  • Translate
  • Shows Rout
  • Sync Google Calender, So it notifies all important dates

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Download Personal Assistant:


Downlaod Personal  Assistant for Computer

Download Personal Assistant for Chrome

Download Personal for Android

Download Personal for iPhone

Download Personal for Windows 


If you find a correct way to work with this virtual personal assistant you would surely like this and start to use it more effectively. Share you reviews about this app and make others to know more about it.

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