Motorola Company is now officially ready to launch the new version of Moto 360 Smartwatch and this launching event is going to held at Chicago on September 4 .There is also little bit possibilities for launching the Moto X and Moto G smartphones in market. The Original cost for this Moto 360 is not officially confirmed by the company. Like Samsung gear Live and LG’s G, smartwatch Moto 360  is one of the first new wearable of Google with the features of Android Wear OS. of the best It is also one launch to defense the inevitable Apple iwatch by the Google. This Moto 360 is also have some of the advantages of ditching the LG’s G and Samsung gear Live. Lets we see about the design and features of this version.

Moto 360



Moto 360 smartwatch called as “A TRULY MODERN TIMEPIECE” by the Lior Ron(Motorola’s corporate Vice president of Product management)in a blog post on the company website. He also added some words in that blog post that,”It’s time for a watch that looks and feels great and gives you the information you need, when you need it”. This Moto 360 especially made to receive notifications.(i.e)the smartwatch is designed to receive notification specially for a bunch of social network, calendar appointments. There is no change in its neutrality of acting as the actual watch by telling the time to the user at a glance.

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                      In normal watch, there is no need to charge the battery. If the battery is down, the user need to change the battery and there is no possibilities of charging the down batteries by the user. But this Smartwatch supports Qi wireless charging method which means there is no need of micro USB port or other mechanism to charge the watch.(i.e)The user can charge by placing the watch in a charge platform and the user can go away. The watch starts charging. Simple. The average capacity of this battery by charging only one time was two and half days. Luca Viscardi(Italian blogger)says about the battery capacity as, ”It has the capability of two and half  times longer than LG’s G watch”.


Moto 360 has the Android wear OS which helps to connect to the user wrist from his phone.The special feature of Moto 360 was the user can interact with by saying”Okay,Google…”. The user has the facility of playing,pausing and skiping the music tracks from his smartwatch.This Moto 360 also offers a quick reply to the text message and answering the calls from that watch.The user can also use this smartwatch for setting remainders by just saying”Ok,Google remaind me tomorrow to attend the birthday party”.

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The Motorola company does not officially confirmed the price of this Moto 360 Smartwatch.But the Motorola company unintentionally gave clue to us about the price of Moto 360 through official rules of watch face contest and the company suggested that the average retail value for this smartwatch is $249.                            

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