Make Android as Joystick

There is always special place for android on every stuff, In-fact android starts to replace many devices like TV Remote, Local computer, Making android as DSLR Camera and many more. There are many apps for android to do all these stuffs and also  these apps are available for free in Google play store. Play store is with 1000’s of apps the main reason for this tremendous amount of apps is Android is an open source operating system. This feature helps many developers to develop apps with root key accessibility. There are lots of games for android in google play store but playing games in small screen doesn’t suits for game freaks, Check out this article  to Play PSP,PS3, XBOX Games On Android device. However most of the game freaks would like to play computer games in Joystick but there may be any issues that prevent gamer to play games with joystick. Forget all issues, You can make android as Joystick.Yes it’s possible in Android, Because It’s android. There are many apps in play store which helps to make android as joystick. This article will explain how to make android as joystick and which android app should be used and also how to configure it with computer.

android as joystick

Make Android as Joystick

This trick works in computer if you are a PS3 player you cannot connect your android with PS3. Here we go how to make android as joystick.

Since there are many apps to make android as joystick, It’s very hard to select a correct one. After undergoing certain test i have selected two apps from playstore. One is free app and another app costs 58.28 (0.970 USD) It’s not a big money however you can download this app for free if you know that trick. 

nJoy – Joystick (58.28):

I would suggest to use this app to make android as joystick because this is the only app in playstore with better user interface which helps to make android as joystick. This app also helps to control your desktop that is, It actually replace the work of a mouse. You can use your android as both joystick and mouse with this app.

Download nJoy-Joystick

Connectivity between computer and android is through Wi-Fi or Internet connection. 3G is recommend to use this app. This app also provides some shortcuts to PC like launching My computer, Command Prompt etc., Gestures and Zooming feature also available in this app. These are the missing feature in joystick and it gives more than joystick. It’s worth to buy this app.

DroidPad (Free)

Droidpad is a freeware which helps to make android to use both as Mouse and Joystick. User interface is not bad in this app and connection between can made through Wifi / USB. If you are with 2G internet connection or No Wifi range the you can use this app. Internet is must needed one in nJoy app but Droidpad allows us to access computer from USB. To use this app you have to install a software in computer. Download Droidpad for free, Make android as Joystick and start playing game.

Download DroidPad

Just with a single app you can make android as joystick. If there is anything to share feel free to comment and share your experience.

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