Kochadaiyaan Game for iPhone, Android and Windows

Kochadaiyaan (English: The king with a long, curly mane), Is the first 3D Animated Movie in india. The film will feature Rajinikanth enacting and voicing three lead roles. This is the one of the most expected movie from all around the world. Adding more special to this film, A part of the movie has been released Kochadaiyan game for iPhone, Android and windows. How it would be if you get a chance to play a game which is going to release as a movie. Kochadaiiyaan is the first movie in india with  3D Animation and also in Game. You are here, because you are interested to play Kochadaiyaan game in your mobile.

Kochadaiiyan game for iPhone, Android

Kochadaiyaan Game:

Here we go to get Kochadaiyaan Game for iPhone, Android and windows and also here are some reviews about this game and also game features. Kochadaiyaan game is with many levels and for each level one have to kill all other enemies using many weapons. The main character in this game looks like rajinikanth and you will be provided with some lives. You have to kill all your enemies using the weapons provided to you.


  • High resolution Graphics
  • Good environment background in game
  • Allows to upgrade the weapons
  • Reign hell on enemies with power ups like Reign of Arrows & catapult bombardment
  • Refilling arrows and more

Download Kochadaiyaan Game for iPhone, Android and Windows:

This is the first indian film game and its attracted people all over the world. Due to its popularity, It made available for all mobile products like iPhone, Android and windows. This is the first game like this for iPhone in gaming History.

Download Kochadaiyaan Game for iPhone –Kochadaiyaan Game Releaseing soon

Download Kochadaiyaan Game for Windows- Kochadaiyaan Game Releaseing soon

Click here to download Kochadaiyaan Game for Android -Part I

Click here to download Kochadaiyaan Game for Android -Part II


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