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Whatsapp Tricks: Whatsapp is a very famous instant messenger which was used by many smartphone users. Whatsapp is developing with many features and comforting the users by giving the facilities like sending photos, easy connect, free call etc., There are many whatsapp tricks which you many not known. This article will shower you about some whatsapp tricks that also includes seeing other whatsapp users conversation, using whatsapp without showing your number and many other.

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Whatsapp Tricks:    

How to use Whatsapp without your mobile number:

A problem with whatsapp is its way of connecting the users. It shows the mobile number when we are in a group chat. This allows some strangers to known our number which may cause problem. To overcome this problem you can use verification code instead of your mobile number. You have to cheat the server to to this. Just follow the steps.

  1. If you are already having whatsapp on your device,  remove it Completely, download it again and install it. 
  2. Whatsapp sends a verification message to its server, Block the message service in your mobile. Switch the mobile to flight mode or change the message center number to block the message service.
  3. Then as a alternative method to verify, Choose “Verify Through SMS” and give your email address. Clik on send and at very next moment click on cancel button. Now the authorisation to the whastapp server call is terminated.
  4. Now Spoof that message. Install Spoof text message app on your mobile
  5. Download spoof:
  6. Now check your outbox, Copy that message details to spoofer app and send it to spoofed verification
  7. For Iphone users:
  8. To: +447900347295 From: +(Country code)(mobile number) —-victims Message: (your email address)
  9. A message will be send by the server for the spoofed number. Now you can connect with your friends with that spoofed number

Using spoofed number would be very useful for girls and surely many boys will hate this.

Recover deleted message: (Hack your friends Conversations)

You can recover all your whatsapp messages even if it is deleted. Whatsapp is programmed to save all the files and activities in SDcard. So you can retrieve the deleted message easily. Go to Sdcard -> WhatsApp -> Databases. You can find two files named as

1) -msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt 

2) -msgtore.db.crypt

The first one takes the back of all chat conversations for past 7 days and the second one stores the chat conversation of present day. You can retrieve it easily. In another form by getting these files from your friends mobile, You can read their chat conversations. Keep it secret and try to know about your friends.

Hide from last seen option:

You can hide from last seen option by disabling the data service. This can be done either by manually or by an app.

App: WhatsApp Hide LastSeen

Download Link:

This app temporarily blocks data service  in your device when you read the message. And allows the internet connection when you send it. It disables the seen option to be updated in server.


Disconnect internet connection and read the message. This won’t all the seen option to be updated in server. Then access the internet and send the message.  Latest version of IPhones are with the seen or unseen options.

Hide and send image inside a image:

This whatsapp trick help you to hide and send a image inside the another image. This can be done by using an app named Magiapp tricks for WhatsApp!

For Android:

Download Link:

For Iphone:

Download Link:

Get contacts Profile Pictures:

There is no option to download contacts profile pictures. Whatsapp has made this for some security reason. But actually you can get their profile pictures. Once you click on view on that profile picture, It will be automatically saved on your SD card.  You can get the image in SD card -> Whatsapp -> Profile Pictures. The image will be saved as their contact number.

Troll your friends:

Troll your whatsapp friends by changing their profile picture. Choose a profile picture for your friend and resize it 561 x 561. You can do this in paint. Save the image and copy that image to your mobile. Save it in sdcard -> whatsapp -> profile pictures. Use your friend mobile number as the name of the image. Disable wi-fi and data connection on your mobile. Now show the image to your friend and make him/her panic.

There are many tricks like this in whatsapp. The main advantage in whatsapp is its storing data in sdcard. So if you want to hide anything from your friends, Just delete the data in sdcard also. At the same time if you want to get revel any secret from your friend, you can check their sdcard. Try the tricks and be innovative from other whatsapp users.

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